Government Inspectorate: EVN leaders use luxury items in violation of regulations

October 16, 2013 | 15:39
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The Electricity Group of Vietnam (EVN) has been found to spend over VND3 billion (USD142,857) more than the regulated amount for use to buy luxury vehicles for leaders, according to the Government Inspectorate.

The Government Inspectorate has detected many EVN's violations

>> EVN opposes Government Inspectorate’s conclusion

This is just one of the results given by a recent inspection of the Government Inspectorate.

EVN bought two Toyota Landcruisers, totaling VND5 billion (USD238,000), while, at the same time, it was is only allowed to buy two cars costing a maximum of VND1.04 billion (USD47,619) each. 

The group explained that the cars were bought because on orders from business officials for trips to several localities. The Government Inspectorate, however, announced that it is still a violation for the overspending regulations pending the PM’s decision.

EVN added that it had to build homes along with other works, such as tennis courses, swimming pools and pre-schools in its power plant area for experts during construction. After the experts leave, the houses will be turned into guest houses or serve as accommodation for staff in charge of the management of operation and repair activities. 

According to EVN, the investment for the works comes from its banking loans or their after-tax profit. The Government Inspectorate, however, said that if that is the case, the investment must have been gradually added electricity prices. 

About the great disparity between the withdrawal of EVN’s violation, the Government Inspectorate said that initially they proposed seizing more than VND6.5 trillion (USD309.52 million) from EVN, but later changed the figure to just VND1.5 trillion (USD71.42 million) after working with appraising agencies over the inspection results of EVN.

The official conclusion about EVN’s case will be decided by the prime minister.


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