Vietnam Investment Review in Brief

Established in 1991 by the  Ministry of Planning and Investment (then the State Committee for Investment and Cooperation) – the Government’s macroeconomic and social development policy think-tank – the Vietnam Investment Review Group has crossed a long path towards becoming Vietnam’s leading economics and business newspapers.

Since their inception in the market, the English-language Vietnam Investment Review and its Vietnamese-language sisters Dau tu (Investment) and Dau tu Chung khoan (Securities Investment) have become Vietnam’s trailblazing newspapers covering a comprehensive political, social, business and economic life in Vietnam.

Not just being the most reliable and comprehensive sources of information for decision makers from government agencies, business communities and international organisations, the newspapers have been an important channel the decision makers to conduct two-way dialogues with the public. The newspapers have earned their reputation as leading international business and economics newspapers published in Vietnam due to their insightful and objective position on publishing real business and economic issues.

As key business and economic publications, our readers comprise the largest grouping of business people, business leaders and government officials. This is shown by the fact that 97 per cent of all foreign companies and representative offices in Vietnam, and all senior government officials receive regular copies of Vietnam Investment Review, Dau tu and Dau tu Chung khoan.