Quang Binh students gain scholarships from VIR

October 10, 2023 | 17:28
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Overcoming personal hardships, a number of talented students have strived to excel in their studies and gained significant achievements thanks to scholarships awarded through VIR's long-running Swing for the Kids charity campaign.
Quang Binh students gain scholarships from VIR

Spiritual motivation from VIR

Located in the semi-mountainous area of Le Thuy district, General Vo Nguyen Giap's hometown, Phu Thuy commune still faces many socioeconomic difficulties, with people having to work hard all year round in the muddy fields. It is also affected by natural disasters every year, including the historic flood in October 2020.

However, it is also considered a land with a studious tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

In April 2022, VIR coordinated with Quang Binh Department of Planning and Investment to award 100 scholarships to students who have overcome difficult circumstances and strived to study well.

The gift is not necessarily high in value, but it comes from the heart of VIR and the sponsor, Cat Tuong Real Estate Group JSC, to encourage the children to reap the full benefit of every opportunity.

A year passed, and the small gift from VIR still lingers in the children's minds as beautiful memories, motivating them to continue to make more efforts in their studies.

Hoang Thi Dao, a student of Class 8A at Phu Thuy Secondary School shared, "I would like to sincerely thank the scholarship gift that VIR and the sponsor gave. This is a great spiritual motivation for me, urging me to try harder in my studies to not disappoint the newspapers and sponsors, as well as the teachers."

For her part, Tran Thi Thanh Thao, a student at Phu Thuy Secondary School - one of the students awarded the "For Vietnamese Children" scholarship in April 2022 expressed her wish for VIR and sponsors to continue to accompany and support Phu Thuy Secondary School to help students in difficult circumstances have more conditions to excel in their studies and develop further.

Quang Binh students gain scholarships from VIR
The three excellent students Hoang Thi Dao, Dao Thi Hien, Tran Thi Thanh Thao (from left to right)

Overcoming difficulties

Teacher Le Van Mui, vice principal of Phu Thuy Secondary School, said that the school's students receiving VIR’s scholarships in 2022 are all from extremely difficult circumstances. However, the students have achieved very encouraging achievements.

As one of the students who received a scholarship, Tran Thi Thanh Thao shared her simple dream of studying "to the fullest."

After graduation, she wishes to have a stable job, so she can take care of and support her mother when she gets old. It seems like that dream is simple, but for Thao, it is a big dream.

Thao has been a good student for nine consecutive years and is one of the best students at Phu Thuy Secondary School. She had an unfortunate situation when my father abandoned her and her mother when Thuy was born. Meanwhile, her mother was born mute and does not have a stable job.

Journalist Tran Quang Thien, her neighbour in Phu Hoa village said, "Previously, Thao and her mother lived with her grandparents. He is a retired soldier, so he still has a salary to send Thao’s younger brother to school."

"However, a few years ago both Thao's grandfather and grandmother passed away at the same time, making their already difficult lives even more difficult. The family had no fields, Thao's mother is mute, and her health is not good, so she only worked as a seamstress to earn money to support Thao's education. In such circumstances, she grew up energetically and strongly," said Thien.

At Phu Thuy Secondary School, there are other two similar cases of Hoang Thi Dao and Dao Thi Hien, who are typical examples of those overcoming challenges to strive to study well and become excellent students.

Dao Thi Hien has been a good student for nine consecutive years and was awarded VIR's Swing for the Kids scholarship by April 2022. She was born into a family with a disabled father, and her mother became the main worker to raise all three children.

In addition to an older sister who is married far away, Dao also has another older sister who is studying at the University of Foreign Languages in Hue. To have money to cover living expenses, Dao's mother works in the fields and does odd jobs that people hire her for every day.

Hien said, "I dream that my parents will always be healthy and in the future I will have a stable job, so I can support myself and help my parents.”

With the dream of becoming a teacher in the future, Hoang Thi Dao is also a shining example of striving to overcome difficulties. Dao's family situation is not much better than that of Thao and Hien. She was born into a poor family with five children, and her parents are farmers.

Dao is a studious student and very obedient. Dao has also received a consolation prize at the district-level literature exam for excellent students. Currently, with the guidance of teachers at school, she is actively preparing to participate in the provincial literature exam for excellent students in 2024.

Le Van Mui, vice principal of Phu Thuy Secondary School said, "For more than one year, these students have kept their promise to VIR and sponsors, to continue making more efforts in studying."

VIR tees up 'Swing For the Kids' VIR tees up 'Swing For the Kids'

An annual charity golf tournament organised by VIR is ready to tee off on October 21 with the objective of bringing opportunity and hope to talented but disadvantaged students across the country. This year’s 'Swing for the Kids' event will be held at the Kings Course, hosted by BRG Kings Island Golf Resort in Dong Mo, Son Tay district, Hanoi. The registration fee is VND3.5 million ($147.6) per golfer.

No constraints for those with a desire to contribute No constraints for those with a desire to contribute

Scholarships through the Swing for the Kids charity golf events over the years are reaching further afield, helping to realise the dreams of many disadvantaged children.

Disadvantaged students feel the love of charity endeavour Disadvantaged students feel the love of charity endeavour

The Swing for the Kids charity golf tournament this year will see another round of collaboration between sponsors, businesses, and benefactors, all in the name of helping disadvantaged young people.

By Ngoc Tan

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