Phu Yen tourism ready to take off

December 29, 2019 | 08:00
With a string of resort projects in the development pipeline, Phu Yen province in the southcentral coast aims to leapfrog in tourism development, yet adopting a new development approach is a must to turn the potential into reality.
phu yen tourism ready to take off
Ganh Da Dia, a stunning tourism venue in Phu Yen

Phu Yen is home to a 189km coastline, with winding, romantic sections dotting its entire length. The special terrain with the sea and mountains adjoining each other features many gulfs, caves, and lagoons of picturesque beauty such as Cu Mong and O Loan lagoons paired with authentic local cuisine.

Three decades since Phu Yen province was re-established, Tuy Hoa town has received a facelift and now serves as a welcoming gateway to the province. The pipeline of urban embellishment projects have turned Tuy Hoa into a vibrant development centre with many high-rise buildings, increasingly modernised road system, upgraded Dong Tac airport, and robust Vung Ro port.

Last August, the province hosted a symposium for tourism spot connections in Phu Yen and other southcentral coastal localities with high expectations to unleash the development of Phu Yen’s tourism.

At the event, tourism experts from home and abroad recommended measures to help Phu Yen accelerate tourism development.

“Phu Yen’s tourism sector needs to foster investment into infrastructure development, training of specialised human resources, effectively tap into the local potential and attract visitors. Additionally, it is important to pay due regard to visitor sources, and the taste of each visitor group to be able to offer suitable services,” said Nguyen Hoai Chung, deputy head of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Echoing this mindset, Lai The Thien, deputy director of Fidi Tour’s Business Department, commented that tourism development must be smart, meaning each visitor destination must carry unique charm.

“Phu Yen has a fascinating nature and many peculiarities. What the province lacks is a fresh way in doing tourism. It is important to create new and distinct entertainment venues to develop in a sustainable manner,” said Thien.

Striving for tourism upswing

phu yen tourism ready to take off
Mui Dien, a highlight of Phu Yen tourism

Phu Yen is home to distinct natural attractions such as Xuan Dai Bay, Ganh Da Dia, or Dai Lanh Cape which is the easternmost point of the mainland – the first spot to welcome the first rays of the sun in the country.

The province is also blessed with stunning beaches, ideal to attract visitors and promote ocean and beach sports.

Besides natural endowments, Phu Yen is a land of valuable cultural and historical legacy. Several relic sites have been associated with historical figures such as Da Bia site related to King Le Thang Tong's journey to expand the nation.

Besides natural endowments, Phu Yen is a land of valuable cultural and historical legacy.

Phu Yen's distinct cultural identity is a fusion of Viet and Cham cultures, with the classical Nhan Tower and Ho Dynasty Citadel. The Nhan Tower became a specially classified national-level architectural relic in 2019.

Phu Yen welcomed about 1.83 million visitors in 2019, a 13.7 per cent jump on-year, generating VND1.940 trillion ($84.3 million) in tourism revenue. This year, by virtue of the fresh development strategy, the province is expected to greet about two million visitors, with 47,000 being foreigners, bringing an estimated VND2.24 trillion ($97.3 million) in tourism revenue.

According to Pham Van Bay, director of Phu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, many large-scale resort projects have landed in the province so far, such as Vung Lam resort, the expanded Bai Bau resort, Lac Sanh hot spring resort, or The Fisher Village Hotel & Resort, to name but a few.

“The growing number of premier resorts in the province attests to the rapid development of tourism in Phu Yen in the past years, paving the way for a take-off in the time ahead,” he said.

By Anh Duc

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