Stavian Group: Sustainable development is the key to a global journey

October 15, 2022 | 08:00
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As sustainability is now key to the development of any country, the manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods industries need to change to keep up with the global new trend.
Stavian Group: Sustainable development is the key to a global journey
Dinh Duc Thang (centre) - chairman of Stavian Group and Vu Thuy Linh, director of Public Relations Division, received the 2022 Asia Pacific Enterprise Award (APEA) by Enterprise Asia

After more than six years of pursuing sustainable development goals, Vietnam has accomplished many outstanding achievements in economic, social, and environmental fields. In 2021, the country ranked 51 st out of 165 in the same category. This result is the concerted efforts of the government, enterprises, and Vietnamese people.

In the business context, sustainable development can be defined as adopting business strategies that meet business needs in terms of economic benefits while protecting and enhancing employee interests as well as the environment.

According to experts, sustainable development helps employees to be more resilient and adaptive to market changes. For that reason, many enterprises have shifted their strategies from only-for-profit to responsible acting in recent years.

However, the foundation industries such as petrochemical, chemical, energy, and mechanical engineering are still crucial economic drivers in Vietnam and the world. Therefore, it is important to promote research and environmental protection along with the national industrialisation process. This means that every action from businesses, even the smallest ones, matters when it comes to sustainable development.

Creating sustainable values

With about 15 years of experience in the plastic and petrochemical industry, Stavian Group is constantly growing, reaffirming its position as one of the leading distributors of plastic resins and petrochemical products in Asia and worldwide.

Additionally, Stavian Group is also a pioneer in the field of eco-friendly biodegradable packaging in Vietnam. Stavian products’ quality is certified by the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment satisfies major customers from demanding markets like the EU, Japan, and the United States.

Focusing on long-term development, Stavian Group has made significant efforts in upgrading its production line to improve efficiency, minimalise raw materials and energy usage, and reduce pollution and protect consumers’ health.

Recently, the Stavian Quang Yen petrochemical plant, one of Stavian’s latest projects, has again confirmed its determination to sustainable development by applying the most cutting-edge and high-quality production line from the leading countries in the G7 group.

This promises to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, with a production scale of 600,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year and a total investment of approximately $1.5 billion, the plant will help to increase domestic independence in terms of raw materials.

Stavian Group: Sustainable development is the key to a global journey
The Stavian Quang Yen petrochemical plant is expected to attract a new wave of investment, creating thousands of jobs in Quang Ninh province

Besides that, Stavian Group has also been active in CSR activities over the years. A few highlights include supporting the flood victims in Vietnam’s central region, donating money and in-kind donations to the Ministry of Health and frontline hospitals nationwide to fight the pandemic, and building charity houses for locals and school sites for children in remote areas, among others.

Striving to advance its services to international standards along with consistently following sustainable development goals, Stavian Group is ceaselessly completing its business ecosystem and becoming a competitive player in the global market.

By Huyen Thuy

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