C.P. Vietnam responds to Earth Day 2023

April 26, 2023 | 12:08
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The Earth Day campaign from C.P. Vietnam with the mission Everyone can Make the World Cleaner has attracted almost 1,000 employees from various branches.
C.P. Vietnam responds to Earth Day 2023
CPV employees participate in Earth Day event

Over more than 30 years of business activities in Vietnam, C.P. Vietnam Corporation (CPV) has always focused on practising the group's core values of sustainability for the country, for the people, and for the company.

In particular, the company is acutely aware of the importance of solving the issue of plastic waste, as well as planting trees and conserving biodiversity.

To continue the environmental protection campaign and spread the message of reducing waste, on April 21-22, CPV's business branches came together to celebrate Earth Day with environmental activities to make it clear that everyone can make the world cleaner.

C.P. Vietnam responds to Earth Day 2023
Planting trees at factories and farms

Nearly 1,000 volunteers from more than 25 branches organised activities to collect waste and take part in other environmental protection activities such as planting trees and promoting environmental protection. In the head office, departments also responded to the activity of spreading green messages by cleaning their green working areas.

Through the activity, volunteers worked together to improve the local environment while contributing to waste reduction. After the operation, the waste was transported to the collection site to be processed according to the regulations.

C.P. Vietnam responds to Earth Day 2023
CPV volunteers cleaning a beach

The issue of waste, recycling, and reuse has been widely spread among the community, but putting awareness into action is always a challenge and a long journey to be undertaken. Therefore, through the programme, the company wishes to encourage behavioural change by inspiring, raising awareness, and mobilising CPV's employees to make long-term changes.

Through this activity, each employee has participated in the company's sustainable development, from small actions to significant changes, contributing to the environmental protection that is in line with the company's sustainable development strategy Sustainability in Action 2030.

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By Nguyen Huong

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