BASF creates safer eco-friendly learning environment in Dong Nai

October 01, 2019 | 17:56
Around 70 students of Song Ray kindergarten in a remote area of Dong Nai province can now enjoy a safer and improved learning environment thanks to the joint project co-sponsored by BASF and its 10 customers and partners from Vietnam and Thailand in celebration of BASF's 25 years of operations in Vietnam.
basf creates safer eco friendly learning environment in dong nai
The new facility was built with financial support and materials donated by BASF and 10 partners from Vietnam and Thailand

Before the renovation, the 70 schoolchildren aged two and three attended classes in temporary facilities that were built six years ago with all-metal walls and ceilings, an uncomfortable environment during high temperatures and in rainy weather.

Facilitated by Saigon Children’s Charity CIO, the project now offers them brand-new classrooms, including hygiene amenities and a storeroom, built with environmentally friendly materials, therefore improving learning conditions and the overall atmosphere.

A total of approximately VND1 billion (about $43,500), in both money and materials, went into the renovation, donated by BASF and its customers and partners from Vietnam and Thailand.

The co-sponsors from Vietnam include Sam Chem Sphere, a distributor of industrial chemicals, industrial lubricants, fleet lubricants, and waterproofing materials; MKVN Chemicals, a company active in distributing care chemicals, nutrition and health, and other functional products; and Eason Urai Paint, a subsidiary of Eason Group in Thailand, manufacturing and distributing motorcycle coatings and other industrial paints.

The project is also supported by donors from Thailand including The Sun Chemical, Unique Coating Chemicals, VITA, BAKA, and Sahaikaset Agrochemicals.

basf creates safer eco friendly learning environment in dong nai
Thhe new school building was constructed with BASF’s waterproofing solutions, Nippon’s low-odour paint, and insulation roof panels from Phuong Nam

Along with funding for the renovation, BASF donated its Master Builders Solutions® waterproofing products to help the building resist rain. The roof panels were donated by Phuong Nam Insulation, a supplier of high-quality insulation roof panels, to keep the school free from heat and noise issues. Nippon Paint Vietnam also donated low-odour products made with BASF ingredients that reduce impacts on health and the environment.

The new facility will now offer children better learning opportunities as well as improved hygiene and safety conditions.

Erick Contreras, managing director of BASF Vietnam, said, “Vietnam is an important market for BASF and we are committed to long-term investments focused on sustainability. This year marks our 25th anniversary in Vietnam and we want to celebrate it with something that could make an impact on the community. By providing a healthy learning environment for local children, we can ensure that they have better access to education and increase their chance for a successful future in both career and life. This contributes to our multiple efforts to support the development of education in Vietnam.”

Petrus Ng, managing director of BASF Thailand and Indochina, added, “BASF has a long history of creating chemistry for a sustainable future. We do this in many ways, for example, offering products and solutions to help address sustainability challenges and improve the quality of life, or providing support to those who need it the most. This project underlines our commitment to make the neighbourhood a better place to live. Moreover, I am very pleased that this initiative also inspires our customers from both countries to join hands and make a difference for the local kids.”

basf creates safer eco friendly learning environment in dong nai
The project will create a safer and more eco-friendly learning environment

Dong Nai is one of Vietnam’s manufacturing hubs, with a diverse number of industrial parks. Nevertheless, many areas are still behind due to the lack of investment in remote locations, impacting development both in economy and education.

In Song Ray commune, five per cent of the population is classified as poor, with an average income of less than VND700,000 per person (equivalent to $30) a month, while the average income of the remaining population does not exceed VND4 million per person (around $170) each month.

BASF Vietnam has been active in multiple community projects including the partnership with Saigon Children’s Charity to renovate four schools by offering enhanced facilities and improving hygienic and safety conditions. Moreover, BASF has provided scholarships to disadvantaged university students for their four years of studies and holds its interactive education programme BASF Kids’ Lab on an annual basis for 4,000 primary school students.

The company also works with Nippon Paint to offer paint sponsorship to redecorate schools in the Mekong Delta. In 2019, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, BASF offered four public playgrounds to more than 12,000 children to promote a sense of exploration, inspire creativity, and develop different skills among children.

By Thanh Van

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