Is Talent Outsourcing service good for your business?

October 16, 2023 | 08:00
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With the rapid development of IT, businesses need to make efforts to change and update to meet the increasing demands of their customers while staying agile and cost-effective.

Therefore, the common strategy applied by companies recently is to hire IT experts from outside. This strategy, in addition to hiring personnel, also involves collaborating with external service providers to handle technical support tasks.

Although outsourcing IT has many benefits, it is still necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages to determine whether it is suitable for your business or not.

Is Talent Outsourcing service good for your business?

There are several advantages of IT outsourcing. The first is cost efficiency. One of the primary reasons companies opt for outsourcing is cost reduction. Outsourcing allows you to tap into a global talent pool, often in regions with lower labour costs, resulting in lower costs. This can significantly reduce the time of hiring process, training, office space, and equipment expenses.

By outsourcing technical support, you can achieve cost reduction and save on labour and production expenses, as highlighted in Deloitte’s report on the top reasons for outsourcing amid the pandemic.

Second is an increase in resources. Outsourcing tech support provides access to a broader pool of skilled professionals. These experts can handle a wide range of technical problems, ensuring your customers receive prompt and practical assistance. By outsourcing, you can leverage their expertise and experience to enhance your customer service without requiring extensive in-house training and development programmes.

Third, we have agility and scalability. Tech support outsourcing offers flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. You can quickly scale up or down your workforce based on your business’s needs, allowing for swift adaptation. Whether expanding or facing a temporary decrease in support demand, outsourcing can help you maintain optimal staffing levels. This agility enables you to respond efficiently to market fluctuations and customer demands, ensuring consistent service quality.

Another aspect is a focus on core competencies. By outsourcing non-core functions like tech support, your in-house team can concentrate on strategic initiatives, product development, and improving the customer experience, driving business growth. This shift in focus can lead to innovations and improvements in your core offerings, ultimately making your business more competitive.

The next advantage is global reach. Many outsourcing partners have a global presence, providing 24/7 tech support across different time zones. This ensures that your customers receive assistance whenever they need it. It is a significant advantage if your business operates internationally or serves customers in various regions. A global reach enhances your responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Finally, outsourcing partners often have specialised knowledge and experience in compliance, security, and data protection. This can help your business stay up to date with the latest regulations and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Is Talent Outsourcing service good for your business?

However, there are issues that come with outsourcing that must be addressed. Firstly, when outsourcing tech support, you entrust a third party with customer interactions and network management. This can lead to concerns about your control over the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

While outsourcing can provide cost-effective solutions, it requires careful management to uphold your brand’s standards and values. Effective communication and oversight are essential to maintain control.

Meanwhile, working with an outsourcing partner in a different region or country can introduce cultural and language barriers. These differences may affect the quality of communication and customer experiences. To mitigate this challenge, choose an outsourcing partner that invests in cross-cultural training and promotes effective communication practices. Establishing a strong partnership based on mutual understanding is critical.

In addition, security concerns exist. Sharing sensitive customer data with an outsourcing partner may pose security risks. Selecting a partner with robust security measures to protect your data is crucial. Conduct thorough due diligence to ensure your partner complies with industry-specific security standards and regulations. Implement encryption and data access controls to minimise security vulnerabilities.

In terms of customer perception, some customers may view outsourced tech support as a need for more commitment to customer service. Choosing an outsourcing partner, like Tek Experts, that seamlessly integrates with your brand’s values and customer expectations is essential. Maintain transparency with your customers, highlighting the benefits of outsourcing, such as enhanced service availability and expertise, to alleviate any concerns. Additionally, it is important to ensure effective communication with customers through various channels, such as email and social media, to provide a superior customer experience.

Another issue is dependence on a third party. Relying on an outsourcing partner means your tech support depends on their performance. Any issues with the partner’s service can directly impact on your business’s reputation. Establish strong service-level agreements to mitigate this risk and regularly evaluate your partner’s performance. Maintain open communication channels to address issues promptly and collaboratively.

Finally, while outsourcing tech support offers numerous advantages, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The decision to outsource should be based on your business’s specific needs, goals, and customer expectations. In some cases, talent sourcing and direct hiring may be better alternatives. Consider factors such as the complexity of your technical support needs, budget constraints, and long-term business objectives when making this decision.

In the context of Vietnam's shortage of IT experts, hiring them from outside is a practical solution when implementing IT projects.

Dr. Hai Nguyen, CTO at EDT, stated, "With over 12 years of experience in IT talent outsourcing, hiring IT staff from Tek Experts can be a smart choice for businesses looking to enhance their IT capabilities and achieve their goals more effectively."

According to Nguyen Manh Tuong, CEO of Tek Experts PSV, there are additional reasons why businesses should hire IT staff from Tek Experts. "We have a proven record of delivering high-quality IT services to clients around the world. It has a strong reputation for excellence in the industry and is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service," Tuong said.

Working 24/7/365 globally, Tek Experts has offices spanning four continents, in 14 major cities. Its IT experts have been serving customers in more than 40 common languages. "This means that they can provide you with the right talent for your specific project needs, ensuring that you have the right skills on hand to deliver high-quality results," Tuong added.

The company can also provide staff in all aspects for organisations and companies. Tek Experts' familiar customers are global corporations and government agencies in education and IT.

"Ultimately, the pros and cons of outsourcing staff, especially IT staff, should be considered in line with the business strategy. Outsourcing staff can certainly save costs, increase productivity, and improve customer experience when done effectively and in appropriate circumstances," Tuong explained.

However, he added, choosing a suitable partner for outsourcing IT staff with the right capabilities will help maintain a balance between control, quality, and cost-effectiveness, thereby strengthening the operation and development process of the business.

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