Anphabe holds 'Symphony of Change' event

December 08, 2022 | 16:57
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Despite uncertainties ahead, employee confidence in business visions and strategies increased significantly this year compared to 2021. However, their stress index is very high, warning of unpredictable consequences, according to a recent HR event.
Anphabe holds 'Symphony of Change' event
Anphabe presented the Vietnam Best Workplace Survey 2022

On December 7, Anphabe's event 'Symphony of Change' took place in Hanoi, aiming to connect HR leaders, provide updates on the domestic HR trends, and share innovative strategies and methods for businesses and employees to stay strong in the face of change.

The company also presented its exclusive Vietnam Best Workplace Survey 2022. According to the report, compared to 2021, businesses have improved employees’ income despite this year's difficult economic situation.

Specifically, by September 2022, 56 per cent of employees received a salary increase, 38 per cent remained the same, while only 6 per cent had a salary reduction or unstable income.

Anphabe accessed that although these figures are not significant compared to normal years, they had shown great efforts from Vietnamese enterprises, especially when only 35 per cent of employees received a salary increase in 2021.

In addition to salary, in 2022, businesses have granted 90 per cent of employees bonuses for 2021 achievements, of which nearly 70 per cent received the expected bonus or higher, on average of 1.4 months worth of salary.

On another positive note, the trend of mass resignation post-COVID has slowed down significantly. It is predicted that in the next 6 months to 1 year, the unemployment rate will be about 17 per cent.

Although the economic situation continues to face new difficulties, many businesses have better-developed future strategies and orientations. This is reflected in the Employee Confidence Index, which has increased to 75 per cent in September 2022 compared to a record low of 44 per cent in the third quarter of last year. On the flip side, 46 per cent of Vietnamese enterprises plan to expand their human resources.

In terms of well-being, Anphabe's survey recorded that up to 42 per cent of workers are in a state of fatigue and boredom, with a frequency of stress ranging from frequent to very frequent.

In particular, the middle management group, the group of employees with two tofive years of seniority, feels the most pressure. Manufacturing/construction materials and banking are the two industries with the highest number of stressed employees, followed by chemical industries, pharmacy/healthcare, and construction/architecture.

Anphabe identified finance and family, the nature of work, the working environment, and office relations as they key stress causes.

“The overall health and well-being of a company's human resources directly affect the health of the business, from short-term business performance to its sustainable development. Therefore, taking care of employees' welfare is a necessary strategy and should, immediately and always, be in focus,” said Thanh Nguyen, Anphabe's CEO and Chief Happiness Officer.

“Businesses should start with getting the basics right, then try to personalise for specific groups. I firmly believe that companies that show sincere care towards their employees will become a magnet for high-quality human resources. Take care of your people, and they will take care of business,” Nguyen added.

Anphabe holds 'Symphony of Change' event
The event saw the participation of a number of high-level HR directors.

The event also saw the participation of several high-level HR directors, including Nguyen Chi Kien, head of Human Resources, One Mount Corporation; Le Ngoc Thien Phuong, senior director of Human Resources Consulting, Techcombank; Vu Thi Mai, human resources director of Viettel Group, and Bui Tuan Minh, deputy general director in charge of Private Enterprise, Deloitte Vietnam.

The Vietnam Best Workplace Survey 2022 was conducted from April to September this year, with the participation of 57,939 employees, 515 companies and in-depth surveys and interviews with about 150 leaders, directors and human resources managers in 20 main industries.

Anphabe is a pioneering consultancy on Employer Branding and Happy Working Environment Solutions. Currently, Anphabe operates in three main areas: surveys of employees, candidates and HR trends; strategic consulting in employer branding and happy working environment; and implementing programmes to attract, motivate, and retain talent.

Anphabe is proud to become the Vietnam market development representative for Workplace for Meta and LinkedIn.

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By Linh Dan

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