Putting E De coffee beans on world map

January 23, 2024 | 17:13
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E Đe Café is making moves to take on partners in Australia.

In mid-January, Y Pot Nie, founder of E Đe Café, revealed that his business is in negotiations with Australian partners, and if successful, E Đe coffee will be available in the land of kangaroos by second half of the month or after the Lunar New Year, alongside other foreign markets such as Germany, Canada, and Singapore. In addition, the founder plans to expand collaboration activities, extending cooperation with fellow farmers to 300-400 hectares.

"I want to promote the traditional coffee flavour as well as the coffee appreciation style of the E De people to everyone," Nie said.

Putting E De coffee beans on world map
Y Pot Nie, founder of E Đe Café

Born into a family owning 2ha of coffee plantation, the former medical student has had an in-depth connection to coffee trees since childhood.

Apart from his regular working hours, Nie spends time learning and practising the customary roasting and grinding techniques of the E De people, the indigenous living in the south of Vietnam.

"The roasting process determines the coffee flavour, it must be evenly done, with a flickering flame to preserve the natural aroma of coffee beans. The blending of smoke and coffee aroma creates a distinctive flavour. Depending on taste preferences and age, the product can result in dark brown or black coffee at different temperatures," said Nie.

Praised by friends and customers on social media for his own product, this coffee enthusiast decided to establish E Đe Café Limited Company in 2019 and registered the exclusive business trademark "E Đe Café" for the clean agricultural product line.

Despite the opposition from family and fellow farmers in Kla market of Dray Sap commune, Krong Ana district, who did not believe in his organic cultivation approach, the 80s-born founder still followed his set path.

He spared no effort in promoting his coffee product at various fairs and exhibitions. Additionally, Nie also worked on his English skills to reach international customers and promote coffee products on foreign trading platforms. Thus, E Đe Café's position in the market proved the doubters wrong and became an inspiring example to foster the partnership between many parties in forming an organic coffee processing material area.

As a result, Nie successfully partnered with 50 households to expand the material area to over 100ha.

For the farmers, thanks to the new cultivation method, coffee productivity has increased to 4 tonnes per hectare. Moreover, by adhering to organic production processes, the quality of coffee beans has been elevated, resulting in a higher buying price than the market estimated at nearly VND10,000 (around 50 cents) per kg from E Đe Café. After collaborating with Nie, a coffee-growing family, can increase their income to over $2,000 per year.

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