Vietnamese coffee documentary aired on Discovery Channel

November 27, 2023 | 09:30
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The documentary "The Tao of Coffee," produced by Warner Bros. Discovery, featuring insights about the aspirations and journey of the Vietnamese coffee industry to conquer the world, was first aired on Discovery's channels in Australia and New Zealand on November 24.
Vietnamese coffee documentary aired on Discovery Channel

With beautiful footage and unique storytelling, the 45-minute documentary "The Tao of Coffee" delivers a fascinating story about the Vietnamese coffee industry and its desire to shape coffee culture globally.

The documentary has made a big splash, bringing many emotions to coffee lovers around the world.

This is the first documentary about Vietnam's coffee culture and coffee philosophy, produced by global media company Warner Bros. Discovery in collaboration with Trung Nguyen Legend Group.

It took Discovery more than a year to research and make the film. The channel made efforts to get beautiful footage, showing the true spirit of Vietnamese coffee culture and providing an objective view of Vietnam's coffee industry.

Discovery spent more than a month recording and interviewing many key figures in Vietnam, China, the US, the UK. The post-production work was carried out two months before the first official broadcast in Australia and New Zealand. The documentary will also air in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, India, and other countries and territories in Asia on November 30.

For the first time, international audiences can gain insight into the potential and internal strength of Vietnam's coffee industry.

Discovery presents an intriguing portrayal of Vietnamese coffee culture, featuring moments of people enjoying iced milk coffee and filter coffee in all spaces and times.

The appeal of Vietnamese coffee culture is demonstrated by Discovery by quoting British coffee historian Jonathan Morris and journalist Kim Hanh who say, "Vietnam actually has its own method of burning coffee that is quite distinctive" and "In Vietnam, the word coffee now means 'Let's Meet.' It indicates that people are not only addicted to coffee, but also the atmosphere of coffee shops and gatherings."

Vietnamese coffee documentary aired on Discovery Channel
The intriguing story of Vietnam, the world’s coffee powerhouse which holds over half of the global supply of Robusta coffee, is showcased globally for the first time by Discovery Channel

In addition, Discovery noted, "Vietnam is staking its claim on the global coffee industry."

Vietnam is not only the world's leading robusta coffee exporter, but also emerging as a global coffee powerhouse. As Vietnamese coffee brands and products are loved globally, Vietnam building a global coffee hub in Buon Ma Thuot, which is home to the world's best Robusta coffee beans.

According to Discovery, the Vietnamese government and the local authority of Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak province, have played a key role in transforming Vietnam's coffee industry since the 1980s.

Discovery claimed, "one unique company is leading the Vietnamese caffeine revolution, turning coffee from a simple beverage into a way of life." The documentary tells the story of Trung Nguyen Legend as a business representing Vietnamese coffee culture globally. It takes viewers to the coffee raw material area to discover how to grow and harvest coffee. It also offers a view inside the production factory using the most advanced Western technology combined with Eastern secrets for modern processing.

It also reviews the community activities that the company pursues, with its mission of "building a Vietnamese brand to conquer the globe."

Discovery shows that the Vietnamese company has elevated coffee from a common drink to a source of creative energy with the spirit of daring to aspire and daring to take action.

Discovery also introduced Trung Nguyen Legend's new perspective of coffee, summarised after many years of research, "All great human civilizations have completely different achievements before and after coffee came into existence. The Trung Nguyen Legend has crystallised three coffee civilizations: Ottoman coffee, Roman coffee, and Thien coffee civilizations."

"The company promotes the idea that society has evolved in tandem with coffee drinking" and "All the way of coffee, deeper philosophical approach, promoting coffee as a source of caffeinated awareness and a way to develop both the self and wider society," said Discovery.

Trung Nguyen Legend's contributions to enhancing the value of Vietnamese coffee are also portrayed in the documentary. The company has implemented various projects to enhance the value of Robusta coffee and its position as a global coffee, such as the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, the World Coffee Museum, Coffee City, Coffee Village, and Dray Nur Waterfall, all introduced as unique destinations for coffee lovers around the world.

Vietnamese coffee documentary aired on Discovery Channel

In “The Tao of Coffee” film, Discovery acknowledges that Buon Ma Thuot Plateau in Dak Lak province possesses ideal conditions for producing high-quality Robusta coffee beans

The documentary also unveils cultural and artistic coffee products and services by Trung Nguyen Legend, such as Thien Coffee, a performance art show of three coffee civilizations with 3D mapping technology, and the dance performance "The Tale of the Three Coffee Cultures."

"All of Trung Nguyen Legend's approaches are completely consistent with enhancing the value of Vietnamese coffee from a common drink to the level of cultural coffee," said Discovery.

"The Tao of Coffee" has submerged international audiences for the first time in a thorough, inspiring story about Vietnam's coffee culture and coffee philosophy, exploring the potential and internal strength of a coffee powerhouse.

The documentary promises to become a bridge to bring Vietnamese coffee culture, along with products, closer to a global audience. Vietnam is not only a country that exports raw coffee, but it has a unique culture, philosophy, and art related to coffee.

The government and local authorities are implementing a policy to contribute to building a more attractive Vietnamese coffee culture, increasing the trust and confidence of Vietnamese people in Vietnamese coffee culture. This will be the foundation to help Vietnam's coffee industry bring in a profit of $20 billion per year, contributing to the economy and enhancing the country's position globally.

Click here to watch the television commercial for the documentary "The Tao of Coffee," which is being broadcast widely by Discovery in countries around the world.

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