Protecting Ly Son Island: let’s colour to inspire

September 01, 2018 | 09:00
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The Ly Son Marine Reserve Management Board on August 30, 2018 held a ceremony to receive twelve 3D frescoes made by 12 volunteer artists in the Ly Son painting programme.
protecting ly son island lets colour to inspire
AkzoNobel's colourful paints were used to create the frescoes

The programme, launched on August 22, is part of a series of activities co-organised by AkzoNobel, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Ly Son Marine Reserve, and other partners aimed at preserving the marine environment around the island. As a programme under the “Let's Colour” initiative, AkzoNobel aims to use the power of the colours and superior features of its products to help protect, preserve, and inspire Be (Little) Islet, Ly Son Island.

Accordingly, the Ly Son painting programme included activities like drawing 12 pieces of 3D frescoes, painting corridors, and recoating houses for people on Be Islet, Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai province.

This is the second year that the programme has been implemented after its first launch in June 2017 with 12 frescoes focusing on messages of protecting the marine environment and the harmony between humans and nature while calling for the community to take action to preserve the marine environment by reducing the use of nylon, single-use plastic utensils, bottles, bags, etc. in their daily lives as well as collecting plastic waste from the sea.

The existence of a fresco village will also help Be Islet to attract tourists, helping local people improve their livelihoods and reduce the pressure to exploit near-shore fisheries and other unsustainable marine exploitation practices.

protecting ly son island lets colour to inspire
The fresco village is expected to become a tourist destination

“We believe that a village in the middle of the sea with artful frescoes containing clear messages will inspire locals and visitors to consciously preserve the beauty of one of the most unique places in Vietnam,” said Le Nhung, a member of the volunteer team.

Besides, AkzoNobel believes that if locals find that their island is made greener and more beautiful through the creativity and enthusiasm of the artists, they will take more initiative to protect the environment.

This is the second time AkzoNobel has collaborated with partners to organise a fresco painting programme. AkzoNobel not only provided all paints and coatings to the volunteer artists of the Ly Son painting programme 2018, it also provided support to mix colours and gave detailed instructions on the painting process to help artists to accomplish the best quality frescoes.

To withstand the extreme climate of Ly Son Island, this year, AkzoNobel has chosen and provided more than 7,000 liters of Dulux Weathershield paint—the most premium exterior paint of the company.

Pamela Phua, general director of AkzoNobel Vietnam Paints, emphasised: “Supporting the conservation of natural resources to improve local people’s lives is one of the key focuses of our corporate social responsibility activities. We are delighted that the Ly Son painting programme has brought so many benefits to the community. Certainly, AkzoNobel will continue to accompany this meaningful project in the future.”

By Van Anh

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