AkzoNobel heads towards sustainability

August 13, 2018 | 09:39
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With constant research and the development of new, innovative paint products, AkzoNobel has been moving towards sustainable development in many cities in the world in order to affirm its position as the world’s leading paints and coatings company. Pamela Phua, general director of AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam, shared with VIR’s Hoang Anh her views on the company’s development orientation in high-potential markets, such as Vietnam.
akzonobel heads towards sustainability
Pamela Phua

What has made AkzoNobel stand out in Vietnam since your entry?

AkzoNobel is one of the leading global paints and coatings manufacturers, offering a one-stop solution for all coating needs in the construction industry. Our coatings offerings in Vietnam include decorative paints, wood coatings, marine coatings, protective coatings, powder coatings, metal coatings, and speciality coatings. Our brand equity in the consumer and retail segment (B2C) and the business segment (B2B) is strong due to our cutting-edge product innovation, uncompromising quality control, and customer-centric mindset.

What is Vietnam’s market potential in terms of future demand, customer behaviour, and regulations?

Vietnam is a critical market that contributes significantly to AkzoNobel’s development in the region. The rapid growth of the country’s economy, coupled with the young and large population, presents an invaluable opportunity for us to continuously develop and invest in this market. I am very impressed with the trend of more young Vietnamese people moving into their own homes with personalised architectural details.

The demand for high-quality and unique paints is increasing rapidly and it sets a very high bar for paints and coatings producers. Vietnamese people are very bold and adventurous in using different colours for their homes. AkzoNobel can most definitely satisfy this demand, because colours are one of our main strengths besides protection.

As the world’s largest paints and coatings manufacturer, how can AkzoNobel bring advanced technologies and premier solutions to Vietnamese customers?

AkzoNobel has the advantage of a global presence and technological know-how. Innovations and research are done at a global and regional scale and brought to different parts of the world, including Vietnam. We can also optimise in various local laboratories to better suit local needs. Coupled with our expert knowledge in setting up factories, manufacturing, quality control, and consumer insights as well as global sourcing of raw materials and economy of scale, we can offer the best products to our customers and consumers at affordable prices. In the latest move, we just introduced our new Dulux Professional coating solutions, which are designed to meet the needs of professionals in various fields, such as entertainment, healthcare, commercial, education, and civil. These are green and environmentally sustainable products, which are of paramount importance in contributing to the development of a sustainable and smart Vietnam.

What will the company focus on in its future business strategy for the Vietnamese market? What is the role of the Asia-Pacific region in AkzoNobel’s profit and revenue targets in the future?

In Vietnam, we are committed to building a long-term and sustainable investment in the market. To ensure the sustainability of our business, we have collaborated closely with our customers, suppliers, and employees to do more with less, thus creating better products and services with fewer resources and a smaller energy footprint. We have seen a very high growth rate in Vietnam and in other Asia-Pacific countries. Therefore, the Asia-Pacific region continues to be an area we focus on, and Vietnam is a prime example. India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam are some of the fastest-growing markets in Asia. They will continue to remain important for us. AkzoNobel will continue to invest and expand in Vietnam and aims to remain the market leader.

Sustainable development is now a common goal for companies in Vietnam. What are AkzoNobel’s plans to grow sustainably in the market?

At AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam, we are not only aware of sustainable business operations, it is a practice ingrained in our DNA. As the leader in the decorative paints industry, we are always committed to preserving the environment in whatever we do. Working with the Vietnam Environmental Association, we have set up a green standard for paint products in Vietnam as well as offering high-quality and eco-premium products to the market. In terms of manufacturing, we focus on the continuous improvement of processes and practices to reduce solid waste and to reduce the consumption of energy and other resources.

Delivering more with less is our business credo. In the past years we invested a significant number in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products that meet our customers’ demands. We also have teams of scientists who work closely with our customers around the world to develop sustainable solutions to meet the challenges we face on a daily basis.

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