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January 26, 2020 | 09:00
Powerful emerging markets like Vietnam and many others in the Asia Pacific region have both an appetite for innovation and the growing industrial base that make Lenovo’s business strategy possible. Ken Wong, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, delves into the future path required to cash in on digital transformation-driven growth potential.
p45 intelligent solutions for all
Ken Wong, senior vice president of Lenovo Group

The fundamentals of our strategy are what we call the “Three S’s”; smart Internet of Things (IoT), smart infrastructure, and smart vertical industry. We are putting more emphasis on developing solutions for specific customer industries like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. We provide new insights that enhance our customers’ decision-making process.

We tie these fundamentals together with a technology ecosystem that both gives people the power to choose what best fits their needs, and delivers an integrated solution no matter which platform or product form factors they prefer.

For example, in our smart home business we collaborate with both of the industry leaders – Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – in delivering Lenovo’s smart living experiences to more consumers.

Vietnam’s growing and very vibrant manufacturing sector is very exciting for us. This market is very fast, and has a history of being able to skip steps to move ahead.

So, what we see is the opportunity for Vietnam to leapfrog the typical slow manufacturing evolution, and make the transition to a smart IoT.

One of the key ways this will happen is by adopting smart manufacturing. The coming exciting opportunity for Lenovo in Vietnam is to help businesses take advantage of the IoT era in addition to common products and solutions.

Lenovo is one of the few companies who can provide both the devices needed in the workplace as well as the infrastructure to achieve this transition.

One way to do this is rather than moving everything into the cloud or keeping everything on site, you can compute at the edge with infrastructure at the back end. We are introducing a new portfolio to achieve this, which are the building blocks of smart manufacturing.

In Vietnam, Lenovo recently launched the ThinkCentre Nano IoT, which exists to provide processing and security for IoT devices that demand real-time responsiveness.

By enabling the rapid relay of information between connected IoT peripherals, sensors, and devices, responsiveness and reliability are increased even in harsh environments. Lenovo has also introduced the ThinkSystem SE350 Edge server. Its small footprint and power efficiency allow for reliable server-class performance at many locations.

It can handle temperatures from 0° to 55°C, as well as tolerate dusty location vibrations, such as construction site trailers and manufacturing floors, and can be installed almost anywhere: hung on a wall, stacked on a shelf, or mounted on a rack.

In the smart areas of the infrastructure and verticals, our key focus areas in Vietnam are education, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. Education in Vietnam, for example, is an area with very strong potential for growth and transformation with the power of technology.

Our solutions for education include both devices like laptops suitable for students and faculties and also services and more advanced solutions like virtual reality systems.

We have assigned a number of dedicated expert teams to support our customers in Vietnam to help them on their digital transformation journey.

All industries benefit from a robust technology sector. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing more growth in this area in Vietnam.

As more and more traditional businesses embrace technology solutions, we will see the overall ecosystem of connected devices start to grow more quickly – which will benefit our customers and our business.

Our most important target is to stay very close to our customers as the industry evolves. We need to make sure we are offering a specific range of devices, services, and solutions that allow businesses in Vietnam to take advantage of the transition quickly and confidently.

Lenovo has decades of experience and an international network of resources to make this happen.

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