Huda pioneers beach carnival in Central Vietnam

June 29, 2023 | 18:07
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Huda promises to bring an explosive summer to people in the central region, with tonnes of memorable activities in an epic beach carnival.

Huda has long been the pride of the people in the central region. From dining gatherings to parties with friends and loved ones, the premium beer appears in every moment of life, making a long journey of development and attachment to people in the region.

Huda is the catalyst for meaningful experiences. Far beyond a beer brand, Huda has become an inspired drink for the people of Central Vietnam, accompanying them in many indelible moments.

This year, to further enrich the spiritual life of the people in the central region, Huda is pioneering an exhilarating beach festival experience, stirring up a bustling summer atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the Huda Beach Carnival 2023

A deep understanding and respect for the central region is the foundation for Huda to elevate the experience of people with plenty of exciting activities.

This year, Huda is taking advantage of the long coastline to host a one-of-a-kind beach carnival. The carnival comprises a series of exclusive events including vibrant parades along with unique performances and colourful music nights.

Taking place in six central provinces, the carnival will not only be an opportunity for people to take pride in the magnificent scenery of the central region, but also be an occasion for them to enjoy the dynamic festive atmosphere on the beautiful beaches.

Huda pioneers experience of colorful and explosive Beach Carnival in Central Vietnam
Huda Beach Carnival 2023 promises to bring explosive experiences

With constant innovation and a wide array of activities, Huda has been enhancing the vibrant rhythm of life in the central region. Huda has left a lasting impression on the people of this area, being recognised as a young and dynamic beer brand that strives to enrich people's lives. This commitment has ultimately fostered brand trust and won the hearts of the local community.

Huda takes pride in accompanying the central people to "uncap explosion of beach carnival colours.”

The event promises to open up opportunities for festival enthusiasts and beach lovers to fully experience and create unforgettable memories at one of the most eagerly awaited beach carnivals of the summer!

Huda is a beer brand under Carlsberg Vietnam - a member of Carlsberg Group - one of the first Danish multinational companies in Vietnam, and a favourite drink of people in the Central region.

With the goal of bringing memorable experiences to residents of the Central region, next July, Huda will organise a series of events at the Huda Beach Carnival 2023 with the theme "Uncap Huda. Uncap explosion of beach carnival colours."

Through the event, Huda is committed to providing the people of Central Vietnam with enriching experiences while fostering a sense of pride in and solidarity with the local culture.

Carlsberg’s community values woven into the heart of business Carlsberg’s community values woven into the heart of business

Living the purpose of “brewing for a better today and tomorrow”, for nearly 30 years now Carlsberg Vietnam has been facing down local challenges through its core brand Huda, working relentlessly towards a well-developed, strong-bond central community.

“Experience Central Meaningfully” with Huda’s freshwater ambassador challenge “Experience Central Meaningfully” with Huda’s freshwater ambassador challenge

The people of the central region responded strongly to the Huda Fresh Water Ambassador challenge within the framework of the “Fresh Water for Beloved Central” programme.

Huda welcomes new year with central region events Huda welcomes new year with central region events

Huda, which is produced by Carlsberg Vietnam, put on an array of Lunar New Year events in Vietnam's central region.

By Bich Thuy

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