Fortinet products designed for the real world

April 03, 2021 | 09:42
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Fortinet is committed to not only providing the security that businesses need today, but in anticipating the security needs of tomorrow.
fortinet products designed for the real world
Delivering on the Fortinet Vision

The world has transitioned to a digital business model, where organisations in every sector and region now run on applications. At the same time, the number of network edges that IT teams need to manage has exploded, especially as huge sections of the workforce have now transitioned to working from home. This new business model is built around fast access to information, high-performance applications, instant collaboration, and customised experiences for both workers and consumers with the help of Fortinet products designed for the real world.

In such an environment, criminals exploit distributed networks and fragmented security to target companies with increasingly sophisticated malware designed to steal data, corrupt systems, and even disrupt the economy. Experts estimate that the cost of cybercrime to organisations worldwide is more than $100 billion, with business interruptions accounting for 60 per cent of losses.

Founded over two decades ago, Fortinet's mission has always been to secure users, devices, applications, and edges everywhere, making possible a digital world people can always trust. We continue to provide the broadest portfolio of security technologies in the industry, with solutions designed to cover the entire attack surface. And as a result of our commitment to innovation and engineering, our solutions are the most deployed, the most validated by third-party labs, and the most patented, having been awarded over 700 patents with hundreds more pending – more than most of our competitors combined.

fortinet products designed for the real world
Fortinet provides a full range of solutions to support enterprise partners

Putting innovation first with Fortinet products

One of the things that sets Fortinet apart is its unrelenting commitment to innovation. The company's security solutions are designed to address the way today’s companies do business. To start, all of its solutions are built around a common operating system, FortiOS. This common foundation enables interoperability between technologies, extends visibility, enhances control, and enables unified management and orchestration.

FortiOS is designed to run on any network and protect any edge, including our new cloud-based service that extends the Fortinet Security Fabric to today’s hybrid workforce through FortiSASE. The Fortinet Security Fabric ensures that solutions deployed anywhere, regardless of their form factor or the network they run on, can see each other, share threat intelligence, and coordinate a unified response to threats. It supports our unique security-driven networking approach that blends security, networking, and connectivity into a unified solution. And because the fabric is based on common standards and open APIs, hundreds of solutions from Fortinet's Fabric-ready Partners help ensure that organisation can leverage their existing investments to ensure security is deployed consistently to every corner of their network.

These development efforts all have a common goal: to create the broadest platform possible built around deeply integrated solutions that support the performance and automation needs of today’s digital businesses.

Broad: The Fortinet Security Fabric platform can be deployed anywhere, in any form factor, enabling organisations to deploy security, networking, and connectivity solutions anywhere their users, devices, and data are deployed.

Integrated: The solutions that operate within the Fortinet Security Fabric are purpose-built to interoperate as a unified security system, sharing threat intelligence, enforcing policies, building self-healing connections, enhancing user experience, and coordinating responses to threats even across highly distributed networks – all tied together through a central, single-pane-of-glass management and orchestration system.

Automated: The goal of any platform should be to accelerate services through automation. Cyberattacks can happen in the blink of an eye – faster than any human can respond. Security systems need to not only detect, investigate, and respond to threats in real-time but also monitor the network to ensure that connections are stable, applications are optimised, and dynamic changes do not create security gaps that expose companies to unnecessary risk. To ensure the best possible response times to all of these challenges, Fortinet has added advanced AI and machine learning to the Fortinet Security Fabric designed to see, respond to, and even anticipate needs at digital speeds.

Solutions designed for the real world

Because Fortinet solutions have been designed to interoperate, we can combine them into solution sets able to solve critical challenges that legacy security solutions could never address.

Security-driven networking: Fortinet tightly integrates security with networking and connectivity solutions to ensure that even the most dynamic environments and edges are always protected. Our security-driven networking approach is designed to address the challenges of the expanding attack surface, from remote workers to multi-cloud adoption, where traditional security strategies struggle to keep up. By weaving security and networking together, security no longer functions as an overlay. Instead, it is deeply aware of networking functions and can adjust configurations, policies, and protocols on the fly to ensure continuous protection and consistent enforcement. The company's Secure SD-WAN and new FortiSASE cloud-delivered services combine advanced networking and enterprise-grade security into a unified solution for remote workers, homes offices, and branch environments.

Zero trust access: Zero Trust Access (ZTA) is an essential strategy for protecting today’s distributed networks from the growing number of devices needing access. However, a piecemeal approach to ZTA control is not only costly and cumbersome to manage but can also leave serious security gaps. The Fortinet ZTA framework leverages a tightly integrated collection of security solutions, enabling organisations to identify and classify all users and devices, assess their state of compliance with internal security policies, and automatically assign them to zones of control. And Fortinet's Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution extends this functionality to the cloud, securing access to critical applications whether users are on or off the network.

Adaptive cloud security: The adoption of a variety of cloud solutions has made maintaining consistent security increasingly challenging. For example, each cloud platform has unique requirements, meaning that a security solution deployed on one platform may not provide the same degree of enforcement or communicate seamlessly with solutions deployed on another. Fortinet delivers the most comprehensive cloud security solutions in the industry, whether running as cloud-native solutions on every major provider's platform, functioning as a container-based solution to enhance cloud-based DevOps functions, or as a cloud-based service to secure solutions and optimise the performance of devices whether on or off the network.

fortinet products designed for the real world
Fortinet has achieved impressive results in the past years

Engineering the future with Fortinet products

Fortinet has always been committed to not only providing the security that businesses need today but in anticipating the security needs of tomorrow.

Its performance-enhancing security processors (SPUs), for example, are already delivering the security performance organisations will need tomorrow. But to make that happen, Fortinet had to begin developing them well over a decade ago.

The company's fully integrated Security Fabric platform, years in the making, is perfectly suited for today’s distributed networks, including the new hybrid workforce, extending enterprise-grade security to every edge of the network.

Security-driven networking enables organisations to implement increasingly complex and highly-flexible networking environments without compromising security because security, networking, and connectivity are woven together into a unified solution.

Fortinet's advances in AI-based security technology are now woven into the security fabric, helping ensure that organisations can receive essential, actionable threat intelligence, identify and investigate unusual behaviour, and coordinate a unified response across the entire distributed network to neutralise threats in seconds.

While innovation plays a critical role in our strategy, innovation alone is not enough. Organisations need to be able to rely on a security company year after year, ensuring that their security investments remain viable and their protections remain scalable as their organisation grows and expands with Fortinet products. Fortinet's strong financials and profitability, its longevity in the marketplace, ongoing commitment to the highest standards of innovation, and unprecedented track record of future-proofing its security solutions means that organisations can rely on Fortinet to deliver the security they need today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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