Dulux from AkzoNobel launches new anti-virus and bacteria paint for better protection

June 01, 2021 | 18:02
AkzoNobel, the leading decorative paints and coatings company, has just launched its latest innovative paint, the Dulux EasyClean Chống Bám Bẩn Kháng Virus, in Vietnam.
dulux from akzonobel launches new anti virus and bacteria paint for better protection
AkzoNobel's new Dulux EasyClean product aims to meet Vietnamese consumers' need for enhanced protection

Dulux EasyClean Chống Bám Bẩn Kháng Virus is a premium water-based emulsion from the reputable performance and protection range. It is equipped with Silver Ion technology which provides a protective layer on the walls, effective against the growth of certain bacteria and viruses.

In addition, Dulux EasyClean Chống Bám Bẩn Kháng Virus comes with Active Stain Repellent Technology which prevents and delays common household liquid stains from penetrating into the walls. The stains include sodas, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, as well as stains created by mud, highlighter, and chalk. Besides being water-based, it also contains all the advance features of Dulux’s premium interior paints such as anti-mould, colorguard, smooth finish, as well as being low in odour and volatile organic compounds (VOC). In addition, they have been granted the Singapore Green Label certification.

“Health and well-being are important considerations for Vietnamese people and more consumers are seeking products made with the highest safety standards which contribute to their overall well-being. That is why we are continuing to drive innovation in this segment with the latest launch of Dulux EasyClean Chống Bám Bẩn Kháng Virus. It not only protects your walls from stains but also inhibits the growth of certain bacteria and viruses on the walls. Silver ION technology alongside the Active Stain Repellent technology can turn any interior space into a safer environment for the whole family,” said Pamela Phua, general director of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Vietnam.

The paint is now available at authorised Dulux retailers nationwide with more than 2,000 colour options to choose from.

By AkzoNobel Vietnam

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