CPV eyes $200 million in annual export value

January 12, 2024 | 18:22
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C.P. Vietnam (CPV) has set ambitious goals for its factory in Binh Phuoc for 2024 and beyond to grow its annual export value to $200 million by expanding its reach to markets such as Europe, the United States, and Middle East.
CPV eyes $200 million in annual export value

The factory, also known as the CPV Food Complex, has been a beacon of success since its establishment in late 2020. Last year marked a significant milestone, with export volumes tripling compared to those in 2021 with help from exports to Japan, Hong Kong, Laos, and Cambodia.

These accomplishments have played a pivotal role in bolstering the economic growth of Binh Phuoc Province and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry and utilising state-of-the-art production processes, CPV has been a trailblazer in implementing the closed-breeding production model in Vietnam, commonly referred to as the 3F model: Feed - Farm - Food. This commitment aligns with CPV's business philosophy to 'Bring fresh, clean, safe products from farm to table for all Vietnamese families'.

Wirat Wongpornpakdee, senior vice president of CPV, said, “Our vision is to become the 'kitchen of the world'. We aim to infuse each product with care to ensure quality from farm to table, thereby positioning Vietnam on the global map of branded poultry meat exports.”

“To realise this vision, CPV has gleaned insights from advanced markets, equipped our factories with cutting-edge technologies, and met stringent criteria from high-end import markets. We are capable of tailoring our products to meet the specific requirements of each market,” he added.

Launched with a substantial investment of $250 million, the CPV Food Complex in Binh Phuoc has made a significant impact on Vietnam's livestock industry, elevating it to international standards.

The factory adheres to 100-per-cent traceability across its entire supply chain, from raw-material sourcing to processed products. It also implements comprehensive environmental and animal-welfare solutions, meeting the stringent criteria set by developed countries.

As of last year, the factory in Binh Phuoc boasts an impressive output of 50 million broilers and 19,200 tonnes of processed chicken annually.

In the face of economic challenges, the sustainable 3F Plus model offers CPV the advantage of optimising input costs, reducing expenses, and providing support to farmers and the livestock industry to maintain stable operations.

CPV eyes $200 million in annual export value

Additionally, CPV is establishing a sustainable 3F Plus foundation. Since its inception in Vietnam in 1988, CPV has systematically invested in animal-feed factories, employing modern equipment and technological solutions. This approach ensures the provision of nutrition that is clean, safe, and free from harmful substances.

As a result, its animal feed is consistently of high quality, enhancing the food metabolism efficiency of animals and minimising environmental pollution. Furthermore, raw-material growing areas are strictly monitored via the latest technology and the automatic production process is overseen to guarantee product quality.

Binh Phuoc is currently home to six livestock farms that have been developed on an industrial scale. Livestock is housed in closed farm conditions with air conditioning to prevent disease. This farm system has been recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as Vietnam's first disease-free zone.

Through a comprehensive control process, foods are produced using modern machinery to deliver high-quality products that ensure hygiene and safety for consumers.

CPV emphasises sustainable development, traceability of the entire supply chain from input to output, and environmental friendliness. These efforts contribute to waste and food-loss prevention and the development of sustainable food production agriculture for a sustainable future.

Export of first shipment of C.P. Vietnam's processed chicken to Japan Export of first shipment of C.P. Vietnam's processed chicken to Japan

The first 33.6-tonne shipment of C.P. Vietnam's processed chicken was shipped to Japan on October 25.

CPV Food entering new frontiers CPV Food entering new frontiers

Among very few companies to successfully take processed chicken to the Japanese market, C.P. Vietnam is opening up a promising land for the local poultry industry.

C.P. Vietnam supports Sustainable Food Forum 2023 C.P. Vietnam supports Sustainable Food Forum 2023

C.P. Vietnam Corporation was a prominent participant at the Sustainable Food Forum and the Ceremony Honouring Initiatives and Efforts in Sustainable Food Development, an event dedicated to fostering sustainable transformation within the food industry.

C.P. Vietnam carrying the torch for sustainable manufacturing enterprises C.P. Vietnam carrying the torch for sustainable manufacturing enterprises

C.P. Vietnam has been named among the top 100 most sustainable manufacturing companies in the country.

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