CPFoods VP honoured at Food Hero Awards

October 18, 2023 | 16:40
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The 2023 Food Hero Awards were organised by the Sustainable Food Forum in collaboration with the Association for Food Transparency in Ho Chi Minh City last week, where Sooksunt Jiumjaiswanglerg was honoured with the Lifetime Contribution Award.
Thai man honoured "Food Hero" and "Lifetime Contribution"
Sooksunt Jiumjaswanglerg, vice chairman, CPFoods Executive Committee

Jiumjaswanglerg, the first Thai citizen to ever receive the award, was celebrated for his exceptional efforts in collaborating with farmers to advance the agricultural industry, enhance food quality, and augment nutritional resources derived from animal protein.

Arriving in Vietnam during the country's transformation in the late 1990s, Jiumjaiswanglerg began his long journey working at C.P. Vietnam (CPV). He has since played a decisive role in policy and strategy for the company and has shown a passion for the development of modern and sustainable livestock farming practices that produce safe food for Vietnamese consumers.

One major step taken by CPV in the past 20 years towards improving food quality is the success of the '3F Plus' closed-loop model, which many regard as contributing to a much-needed restructuring of the livestock industry, paving the way for more sustainable development in agricultural and rural areas of the country.

Jiumjaswanglerg's latest move is investing in CPV Food's poultry processing complex in Binh Phuoc, thereby adding Vietnam's name to the list of the major poultry exporters of the world.

Thai man honoured "Food Hero" and "Lifetime Contribution"

After just a short time working in Vietnam, he soon realised that appointing Vietnamese people to senior positions at CPV would be an advantage to understanding the marketplace here, as Thai managers gradually took a step back and played more of a consulting role.

Jiumjaswanglerg considers Vietnam as his second home, and he often encourages his employees to carry out activities for the betterment of the community, and in 2010, the CPV Charity Fund was established.

He has shown support for Food Bank Vietnam right from the start, enabling the organisation to deliver millions of nutritious meals to people in need, and carrying out educational activities to inform about the prevention of food waste.

Speaking as he received the award, Jiumjaiswanglerg said, "For me, my success is not defined by my position, successful career, or wealth. What gives me satisfaction and keeps me interested is how I help people."

CPV suppliers potential development conference 2023 CPV suppliers potential development conference 2023

On the morning of August 16 at Muong Thanh Holiday Hue Hotel, C.P. Vietnam (CPV) held a conference on environmental management in supply chain development.

C.P. Vietnam maintains position of top-ranking food producer C.P. Vietnam maintains position of top-ranking food producer

C.P. Vietnam has retained its leading position as a producer of fresh and frozen food in the Top 10 Food Reputation Award 2023.

C.P. Vietnam supports Sustainable Food Forum 2023 C.P. Vietnam supports Sustainable Food Forum 2023

C.P. Vietnam Corporation was a prominent participant at the Sustainable Food Forum and the Ceremony Honouring Initiatives and Efforts in Sustainable Food Development, an event dedicated to fostering sustainable transformation within the food industry.

By Nguyen Huong

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