OPSWAT presents advanced cybersecurity solutions at Vietnam Security Summit 2024

May 30, 2024 | 18:24
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Cybersecurity experts from OPSWAT, a pioneering enterprise in critical infrastructure protection, on May 30 shared insights on implementing advanced security technologies to safeguard information systems and critical infrastructure at the 6th Vietnam Security Summit 2024.

According to experts, amid the increasing frequency of cyberattacks, espionage, and cyberterrorism targeting critical information systems of nations, ensuring cybersecurity has become a top priority, especially for Vietnam, a country undergoing rapid digital transformation, protecting critical networks and systems is of utmost importance.

OPSWAT presents advanced cybersecurity solutions at Vietnam Security Summit 2024
La Manh Cuong, vice president of Research & Development and general manager of OPSWAT Vietnam, highlighted three primary challenges at Vietnam Security Summit 2024

According to figures released at Vietnam Security Summit 2024, in 2023, the world was estimated to lose up to $8 trillion due to cyberattacks (equivalent to nearly $21 billion per day). That number is expected to increase to $9.5 trillion by 2024. Every 11 seconds, an organisation globally is attacked by Ransomware.

Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Duc Long said, “Ensuring information security requires synchronous coordination among organisations, businesses and government agencies. This cooperation not only opens up opportunities to share information and experience, but also enhances our ability to respond quickly and effectively to threats.”

La Manh Cuong, vice president of Research & Development and general manager of OPSWAT Vietnam, highlighted three primary challenges.

The first is the complexity of critical network systems. The rapid development of the internet and new technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, and cloud computing create numerous new security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the convergence of IT and OT networks requires comprehensive and flexible security strategies. Many organisations and businesses still use outdated security technologies and processes that are inadequate against current threats.

The other is increasing cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are becoming more complex and frequent, including denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

These attacks continuously target government agencies, financial institutions, businesses, and national critical infrastructure, causing significant economic and security damages, as seen in recent cyberattacks on financial, securities, and oil and gas enterprises in Vietnam.

The third challenge is shortage of high-level expertise. Vietnam faces a shortage of highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. The current number of security experts is insufficient to meet the urgent demand, reducing the ability to quickly prevent and respond to cyberattacks.

Cuong said that OPSWAT was focusing on cybersecurity solutions for organisations and businesses in 16 critical sectors, such as banking and finance, oil and gas, and energy, as well as state agencies.

“There is increasing demands for network security solutions among businesses in Vietnam. We see that sectors and industries, which have regulations on network security have higher awareness about this issue. For Opswat, they are energy and banking,” he said.

To address these challenges, OPSWAT has introduced MetaDefender - a comprehensive security platform for IT and OT networks, featuring advanced security technologies based on the zero-trust philosophy, designed to combat sophisticated attacks.

Additionally, the company provides services and training programmes to address the shortage of cybersecurity engineers.

Cuong recommended that organisations and businesses implement five security technologies concurrently to maximise cybersecurity defenses: multi-scanning, deep content disarm and reconstruction, proactive data loss prevention, adaptive sandbox, and file-based vulnerability assessment.

“These cybersecurity solutions by OPSWAT are trusted by over 1,700 organisations and businesses worldwide. Notable examples include Hitachi Energy, Berlin International Airport, and Zoom, which utilise OPSWAT's security products to ensure safety in their operations and business activities,” he said.

Alongside the conference, OPSWAT showcased a comprehensive cybersecurity platform, allowing attendees to experience security technologies first-hand at the event.

OPSWAT now welcomes cybersecurity experts, engineers, and students to explore and learn about its security technologies at the Critical Infrastructure Protection Labs (CIP Labs) at OPSWAT Vietnam’s offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

For the last 20 years, OPSWAT, a global leader in IT, OT, and ICS critical infrastructure cybersecurity, has continuously evolved an end-to-end solutions platform that gives public and private sector organisations and enterprises the critical advantage needed to protect their complex networks and ensure compliance.

Three advanced cybersecurity technologies for banks, financial services Three advanced cybersecurity technologies for banks, financial services

Three zero-trust security technologies for banks, financial service organisations, and insurance companies were introduced at the Smart Banking 2023 international conference and exhibition held in Hanoi on October 6 to help them comply with stringent information security regulations.

OPSWAT signs strategic partnership with CMC Cyber Security OPSWAT signs strategic partnership with CMC Cyber Security

OPSWAT, a global leader in critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity solutions, on December 7 opened a new office in Hanoi, and signed a strategic partnership agreement with CMC Cyber Security Co., Ltd., making new moves to expand its footprint in Vietnam.

By Bich Thuy

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