J&T Express throws full weight behind Vietnam’s pandemic prevention drive

July 13, 2021 | 13:51
Since the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Vietnam, express delivery company J&T Express has introduced a host of initiatives to prevent the spread of the pandemic, ensure business operations, and support those at the frontline.
J&T Express throws full weight behind Vietnam’s pandemic prevention drive
J&T Express has actively taken measures to ensure the safety of both shippers and customers during the pandemic

In June and nearly a half month of July, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to rage in cities and provinces across Vietnam, wreaking havoc on businesses. While some have had to stop operations, express delivery companies had to substantially increase capacity to meet the surging demand during the pandemic.

In particular, the number of online shopping orders has been increasing as people were forced to stay at home to maintain social distancing measures. This not only presents opportunities for express delivery companies to scale up during the pandemic, it also poses challenges in ensuring the safety of customers and delivery staff during the pandemic.

J&T Express has launched several initiatives to prevent the pandemic and ensure the safety of the people and goods. The company has been consistently putting pandemic prevention as a top priority by implementing the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health, disinfecting warehouses and packages, taking regular medical declarations from staff, as well as coordinating with local authorities to adopt other pandemic prevention solutions.

In addition, J&T Express also attaches a "Safe Parcel Card" to notify the shipper's health status and temperature on each parcel when delivering to customers. The card says: “Welcome. Every day we have our body temperature checked and have to comply with disinfection rules. We always wear a mask when delivering/receiving goods. Please feel free to use our services.” The message not only helps put customers' mind at ease but also help shippers be more confident when communicating with customers.

The management of J&T Express regularly issues health protection notices and recommendations to all 25,000 employees across the 63 provinces and cities nationwide. In addition, the company has ensured a stable supply of thermometers, hand sanitizers, and medical masks for more than 1,900 post offices across the country to protect the health of all shipping and office staff.

J&T Express throws full weight behind Vietnam’s pandemic prevention drive
J&T Express implemented many strategies to improve its operational efficiency during the peak season

Nguyen Thanh Tam, a member at J&T Express shared: "We have our health and body temperature checked twice a day. Thanks to the company's support, shippers and office workers who go to work during this pandemic season feel secure. Protecting the health of employees and customers is always the top focus of J&T Express, which is one of the basic reasons for the growth of the company during the epidemic season.”

Echoing this view, Nguyen Van Hoa, a long-time shipper of J&T Express shared: “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of orders has increased but we always feel secure with the company's effective anti-pandemic activities."

Furthermore, J&T Express also implemented many strategies to improve its operational efficiency during the peak season. Specifically, the company has tried to streamline operations to tackle higher order volumes. The company has actively strengthened its branch network, arranged more personnel to address the issues as well as tightened pandemic prevention protocols for its employees.

Post offices and frontline staff are always ready to coordinate and support each other to provide the best customer service. As a result, J&T Express has avoided order jams, congestions, and failure to deliver on time, which may affect the company's business and reputation.

“With timely measures and efforts to ensure business operations, the number of orders processed by J&T Express in the past three months has increased more than 30 per cent compared to the same period last year and 23 per cent compared to pre-pandemic times. The delivery success rate and average delivery times also continue to rank high in the industry,” Phan Binh, brand manager of J&T Express said.

In addition, J&T Express also actively supported frontline workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic such as transporting medical equipment as well as donating essential goods and protective equipment. In June, the company provided free transport for 30 Eliciae MV20 ventilators overnight from Ho Chi Minh City to Bac Ninh to support the locality’s pandemic fight.

In May, J&T Express donated 25,000 medical masks and 500 protective suits to the Bac Ninh People's Committee. The company’s Thai Nguyen branch also donated 270 barrels of purified water, instant noodles, fresh milk, and bread to Viet Yen district pandemic prevention and control steering committee in Bac Giang. In addition, the company also donated 2.6 tonnes of rice, 220kg of peanuts, 300 packets of sugar, 51 boxes of seasoning salt, fish sauce, seasoning powder, as well as over 500kg of squash and green vegetables to the disadvantaged workers in Neth town, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang.

J&T Express throws full weight behind Vietnam’s pandemic prevention drive
Supporting the community is one of J&T Express's top priorities

J&T Express said it will continue carrying out other charity activities such as donating essential goods to support the needy. It will also donate free transportation to help authorities and socio-political organisations ensure that essential goods and medical supplies can reach the pandemic areas without trouble.

By Thanh Van

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