Hong Kong’s vibrant and unique lifestyle launches in Ho Chi Minh City

September 26, 2018 | 13:52
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Through the campaign “In Style, Hong Kong,” Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKYDC) brought the patent Hong Kong lifestyle and unique creativity to Ho Chi Minh City for the first time.
hong kongs vibrant and unique lifestyle launches in ho chi minh city
The bar corner that brings a slice of Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City

The event made its public debut on September 20-21 in the presence of Hong Kong star chef Lam Cheong Kee and world-renowned mixologist Antonio Lai to offer Vietnamese people the closest glimpse into the dynamic nightlife of Hong Kong—“The sleepless city.”

Known as “The sleepless city,” Hong Kong only reveals its true beauty when the night falls. With numerous options from social activities to nightlife entertainment, from culture to parties and feasts, Hong Kong can truly satisfy the most demanding visitor.

hong kongs vibrant and unique lifestyle launches in ho chi minh city
World-renowned mixologist Antonio Lai

Out of an array of choices, experiencing bars and pubs—the signature of the thrilling Hong Kong nightlife—is a must for visitors. This is the reason why HKTB has set up a bar corner to bring bustling and trendy cultural activities from Hong Kong to Vietnamese people.

Cuisine is an important part when a culture unveils its beauty to the world. For this reason, the bar corner by HKTB introduced to Vietnamese people authentic local street food, such as famous fish balls hand-beat by chef Lam Cheong Kee and a drink called “Milky Paradise” prepared by mixologist Antonio Lai who got the inspiration for the drink from the Hong Kong milk tea culture.

"The Hong Kong Tourism Board considers Vietnam a dynamic and potential market for mutual cooperation. Therefore, we feel very honoured to take part in this mega expo “In Style, Hong Kong” to bring Hong Kong closer to Vietnamese people and businesses. Through this opportunity we want to promote Hong Kong’s diverse and unique experiences as well as leverage Hong Kong as a must-visit travel destination to young Vietnamese travellers,” Becky IP, HKTB deputy executive director, said at the expo.

Fish ball is one of the most popular street foods in Hong Kong. Almost every Hong Kong local will have his/her favourite fish ball vendor. With a bouncy yet soft texture, Hong Kong fish balls taste the best when they are made with freshly ground fish paste and hand-beaten to a perfect springy texture and served on skewers with golden curry sauce. Famous fish balls are highly recommended by locals and have become a must try for tourists.

Apart from street food, Hong Kong’s tea culture is also a highlight that HKTB focuses on promoting on the Vietnamese market. An exclusively new drink created by award-winning mixologist Antonio Lai called “Milky Paradise” was introduced to expo visitors. The drink is inspired by the booming bubble tea trend that is growing in popularity in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

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