Red Bull and Warrior spread positive energy to the community

January 13, 2022 | 13:26
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Behind the energy drink brands Red Bull and Warrior, familiar to Vietnamese consumers, is the host company TCPVN. Along with being famous for its high-quality products, the business also strives to create sustainable values for the community and society.

Understanding the importance and urgency of pandemic prevention activities, many businesses have campaigned to donate money and supplies such as food, protective gear, and medical equipment to frontline workers.

Joining the community in the fight against the pandemic, brand Warrior belonging to TCPVN has cooperated with the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation (CVYF) contributing 1,500 cartons of Warrior products to the frontline teams in 13 provinces and cities in the southwest.

Previously, TCPVN collaborated with the CVYF and the Vietnam Youth Social Work Centre, contributing 10,600 cartons of energy drinks to medical staff in Ho Chi Minh City and 18 provinces in the south. The gift not only energises the dedicated white-blouse frontliners but also shows the deep gratitude of Red Bull, Warrior, and TCPVN to the silent heroes who are fighting for the peace of the community.

Red Bull and Warrior spread positive energy to the community
TCPVN – the host company of Red Bull and Warrior – has made positive contributions to the pandemic fight

In Bac Giang and Bac Ninh provinces in early 2021, Warrior cooperated with CVYF and sponsored $8,700 and 600 cartons of products to share the difficulties with people in these two provinces. The contribution is not only meant to cheer and encourage people but also energise frontline workers dealing with arduous and important missions.

Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director at TCPVN shared, “We understand that the community of businesses is a resource which can make a great impact on the fight against the pandemic. In addition to financial and material support, we hope that full support and appreciation from the business community will be a positive motivation for medical staff to firmly perform their missions."

Joining with the whole country to fight the pandemic, TCPVN coordinated with the Vietnam Young Doctors Association, contributing oxygen containers to support patients treatment and transport. Recently, the company has also cooperated with the Vietnam Young Physician Association, contributing 1,200 medicine bags to five provinces.

The bags consists of acetylcysteine, oresol, paracetamol, and vitamin C, as well as anticoagulants and immunosuppressants, medical masks and hand sanitisers, among others.

Red Bull and Warrior spread positive energy to the community
The representatives of TCPVN have been donating medicine bags in the southwest

Spreading positive energy and building sustainable values for the community

During the years in the Vietnamese market, TCPVN has pursued the strategy of building sustainable values and spreading positivity to build a better community. This motto also became a red thread throughout all strategies and activities of TCPVN since 2018. The good values that TCPVN wishes to honour are expressed through practical actions.

One of the outstanding programmes to incubate positive energy and talent among young people is the cooperation of Red Bull and Hoang Anh Gia Lai football club (HAGL) – the cradle of famous national footballers. The partnership between HAGL and Red Bull will facilitate football-loving and talented young people aged 15-20 to explore and improve their skills and shine. This is also an opportunity for talents to access the professional playground, have the opportunity to be recruited, and be professionally and methodically trained.

Red Bull and Warrior spread positive energy to the community
The signing ceremony for the partnership between Red Bull and HAGL club

Le Huu Toan (20 years old, Tien Giang) could not hide his joy, "I am chosen for the first round, and my mother is very happy. I have never known anything about professional football or recruitment tournaments before I heard about this tournament from an acquaintance, so I applied, and luckily I won. I am very happy and excited and looking forward to the final round to compete with friends in other provinces.” In the selection session, Toan excellently overcame more than 200 young strikers to become one of the four most promising faces to enter the final round in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nguyen Tan Anh, CEO of HAGL commented, “Through the cooperation with Red Bull, we look forward to uncovering more promising faces for the club's youth team, incubating the future of Vietnamese football."

Believing in a bright future for young people, Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director of TCPVN shared, “The journey of young people pursuing their passions is always full of challenges, but dreams and aspirations cannot be buried just because of difficulties. We wish to add more positive energy to awaken the inner strength in young people, thereby unlocking both physical and mental strength in them. That is the goal that TCPVN has kept in mind right from the first idea."

The journey of spreading good values with a sustainable development mission has not stopped yet. The timely and long-term support of Red Bull, Warrior, and TCPVN are reinforcing the sustainable development efforts for the community. Businesses like TCPVN have been on the right track in their strategy of promoting stronger sustainable values in the future.

By Mai Dang

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