Muong Thanh New Year welcomes spring to the northwest

March 09, 2024 | 13:20
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At a time when ban flowers, the distinctive blossoms of the northwestern mountains, are in full bloom, thousands of Muong Thanh Group employees across the country earnestly prepare for their own traditional new year celebration.
The graceful Thai girl among Ban flowers at Muong Thanh Grand Hotel Ha Tinh

Muong Thanh New Year originates from the desire to preserve the unique cultural values of the Thai ethnic community, making it an integral part of Muong Thanh Group, one of Vietnam's top hotel brands.

Over the last 30 years, images of multicoloured shirts, paired with black skirts, vibrant scarves, and the unique songs and dances have been cleverly and delicately woven into the Muong Thanh brand, demonstrating its close association to this northwestern culture.

This year, Muong Thanh New Year draws inspiration from the Xòe dance - a distinctive cultural feature of the Thai ethnic community, and recognised by UNESCO as an intangible piece of cultural heritage. The Xòe dance has long been a symbol of unity and has become a unique cultural asset shared by many ethnic groups living in the highlands of the northwest.

Thai girls enthusiastically perform the Xòe dance as they welcome spring in a vivid natural setting. The majestic mountains are abloom with ban flowers, the sky is filled with twittering swallows, and under the sky are hills and terraced fields, creating a joyful and harmonious picture, distinctive to the region.

The Xòe dance conveys wishes for a prosperous harvest and an abundant life for the people here. Therefore, the decorations at Muong Thanh hotels, as well as its products and services, are infused with themes to honour this precious cultural heritage.

Also this year, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory at Dien Bien Phu, in the region where the Muong Thanh brand originated, Muong Thanh New Year has been chosen as one of the opening programmes for a series of events.

Muong Thanh New Year shines brightly at Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel Ha Long

While Muong Thanh New Year is a special time for family activities, it is also an opportunity for Muong Thanh Group to provide visitors with a warm and captivating experience when staying at the group's hotels. In addition to impressive designs in the reception hall depicting the arrival of spring, talented chefs from the 60 Muong Thanh hotels across the country and Laos present traditional northwest-flavoured dishes such as sticky rice, pa pỉnh tộp, nậm pịa, cơm lam, ban flower salad, and grilled moss to create a complete tasting experience for guests.

Muong Thanh New Year is a lasting aspect of the cultural values of Muong Thanh Group, and this year and for many years to come, the people of Muong Thanh will look forward to commemorating this special festival and to spreading the unique cultural values of the Vietnamese people.

Muong Thanh New Year: spring in the northwest Muong Thanh New Year: spring in the northwest

March 12 is chosen by Muong Thanh Hospitality Group as New Year's day every year. Many interesting activities identified as part of the northwestern forested mountains area take place on this auspicious day.

Muong Thanh captures New Year's splendour in the northwest Muong Thanh captures New Year's splendour in the northwest

To commemorate the New Year holiday in the northwest, Muong Thanh Group is hosting a series of cultural events that reflect Vietnam's inherent splendour.

Muong Thanh to launch promotions at upcoming travel expo Muong Thanh to launch promotions at upcoming travel expo

Muong Thanh Group will offer many promotions at the 17th International Travel Expo Ho Chi Minh City 2023 (ITE) on September 7-9.

By Hazy Tran

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