Kick off the 13th annual Swing for the Kids

January 07, 2019 | 10:29
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Over the past 12 years the annual charity golf tournament Swing for the Kids has become a prestigious event for kind-hearted diplomats, businessmen and women and golfers from inside and outside the country. Their heartfelt support and sponsorship brings many more opportunities to diligent students facing adversity in life to realise their dream of gaining an education and having a successful future.
kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

As a regular promise, in cooperation with many sponsors, Vietnam Investment Review fulfills its responsibilities to the community through the annual Swing for the Kids charity golf tournament. Since the first event in 2007, Swing for the Kids has been a highlight of the business community’s social and charity agenda at every spring. The tournament is the chance for investors, domestic and foreign business people, diplomats, and representatives of international organisations to contribute to extend education to poor students and to meet and exchange ideas on life and career.

Through 12 seasons of competition, the charity golf tournament has achieved many meaningful things, surpassing the initial expectations of the members of the Organising Board and creating an unexpected result even for those players who have accompanied the tournament for many years. This is clearly shown through the statistics at the end of each tournament. After 12 tournaments, the Organising Board have raised a total of VND15.4 billion to hand 15,000 scholarships to underprivileged but outstanding pupils and students and support the repair and upgrade of schools at 40 provinces and cities across the country.

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

As such a meaningful event, Swing for the Kids has received a great deal of attention from donors, politicians, domestic and foreign businessmen. The tournament has also resonated with the public and is highly appreciated for its human and social meaning, while making an impression on the golfing community and shaping a playground and an attractive place to meet and exchange for politicians, diplomats and entrepreneurs across the country.

Following the mission of creating more opportunities for accessing an education for many underprivileged children across the country, this year, the 13th annual charity event for Vietnamese children - Swing for the Kids 2019 - will be held on April 20, 2019 at Kings’ Island Golf Resort in Dong Mo, Son Tay district, Hanoi.

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids
BRG Kings Island Golf Resort

The tournament is expected to continue the results achieved during previous events, and will also provide an opportunity for Vietnam Investment Review, sponsors and golfers to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. VIR’s Editor-in-chief Le Trong Minh, head of the Organising Board for Swing for the Kids 2018 charity golf tournament said: “Many other organisations and individuals are quietly contributing to the development of Swing for the Kids. They include CEOs, investors and golfers who are making silent contributions and helping thousands of children continue to go to school. The golf tournament has made them more aware of their responsibilities to the community, while also bringing them pleasure because their business activities can have humanitarian meaning.”

Le Anh Minh, Ho Chi Minh City golfer

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

Since I began playing golf, I heard about Swing for the Kids via the media and I became very interested in this tournament due to its meaningfulness.

This is why I and my company decided to join this year’s tournament as a sponsor. We have never sponsored any tournament like this before, but VIR’s reputation and the tournament’s meaning have urged us to sponsor this one.

We plan to continue sponsoring Swing for the Kids over the coming years and will try to pledge a higher amount. I flew from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi to participate in the tournament today and I am so excited to join it.

Pham Thi Mai Thu, Hanoi golfer

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

I am a loyal member of the golf charity tournament Swing for the Kids and I have never missed a season. I have a familiar feeling with the tournament, as if I were a member of the Organising Board.

This is a golf charity tournament so I usually invite my friends along to show their support to the event. I think that the tournament is professionally organised and it is a realistic event for everyone who wishes to give to charity.

I will take part in this event until it stops. I have a nice memory from last year’s event, when I won a small prize. This has encouraged me a lot and I hope that in this year’s tournament, I can have this luck again.

Vu Xuan Hoa, Hanoi golfer

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

The main purpose of Swing for the Kids is to focus on the young generation and establish a fund for disadvantaged children, thus, all the golfers take it seriously and compete as best as they can. I myself have joined this event three times. I am a member of Golffriend Group and we know about the tournament through the chairman’s introduction.

As I have said, the tournament has a good purpose and is professionally organised, which is a good reason for us to join. Golf is an interesting and attractive sport but there are not many such charity golf tournaments. Thus, events like Swing for the Kids should be expanded and developed to attract more golfers.

Nguyen Hoa, Hanoi golfer

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

I became aware of Swing for the Kids through some personal relationships and the media and I have joined for some of the seasons.

I think that this golf tournament has a beautiful humanitarian meaning and it partly connects every participant with a mutual goal of supporting disadvantaged children so that they can go to school.

I took part in three or four seasons and I will keep joining the tournament whenever I have the chance.

Nguyen Song Giang, Quang Ninh golfer

kick off the13th annual swing for the kids

Golf has been my passion for the past ten years and I am a member of Quang Ninh golf club. My club also joins some charity tournaments and I enjoy such meaningful events, however there are not many tournaments like this.

Thus, I have eyed Swing for the Kids for quite a long time via the media. This was the second time I took part in the event but my excitement and desire to win remained the same as during the first time, although I have never won any prizes!

By Hoang Oanh

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