Hanoi Art Light Festival - Brilliant Thang Long

February 08, 2024 | 22:13
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The artistic light show with the theme “One day of the capital - A thousand years of history” inspired by the thousand-year-old civilization is one of the attractive New Year programmes to tourists and residents of the capital.

The festival will officially take place at 11.30 pm on February 9 in the area of ​​ Van Cao intersection, West Lake in Hanoi. The audience can enjoy the show by standing along Nguyen Dinh Thi and Trich Sai streets. The Lunar New Year drone light show will be followed by a 15-minute fireworks display shortly after midnight.

Hanoi Artistic Light Festival - Brilliant Thang Long will officially take place on New Year’s Eve
Hanoi Artistic Light Festival - Brilliant Thang Long will take place on Lunar New Year’s Eve

From the name Thang Long and the image of dragons in Vietnamese culture, the performance brings the story of sacred dragons converging at the glorious and heroic capital at the moment of intersection with the new year.

The highlight of the performance is the image of a Ly Dynasty’s dragon appearing with a head with a long mane, chin beard, large eyes and mouth, a long and thin tongue, biting a pearl and expressing admiration for the noble human spirit.

The dragon of the Ly dynasty represents wisdom, humanity and chivalry, and is a sacred and noble symbol associated with a glorious period of the Vietnamese people.

It will also be a performance with a record number of drones in Southeast Asia. The performance conveys hope for a breakthrough new year and the belief that Vietnam will steadily develop alongside other countries in the world.

Nguyen Dinh Khuyen, chairman of Tay Ho district People’s Committee said: “Tay Ho district is proud to be the first location in Hanoi city to perform a drone demonstration during the Lunar New Year of Giap Thin 2024. This event will contribute to creating a difference in Hanoi, affirming its position as an international city, aiming to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the capital’s liberation.”

Hanoi Art Light Festival - Brilliant Thang Long
The rehearsal programme took place on the 28th day of the lunar calendar, or February 7

Hanoi Artistic Light Festival - Brilliant Thang Long, a super artistic light show in Southeast Asia with a record 2,024 drones, is expected to become a meaningful event, meeting the cultural and spiritual needs of people during the nation’s traditional Tet holiday.

At the same time, the festival will contribute to the “Creative City” strategy, affirming Hanoi's position as an international destination.

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