Galaxy Sala provides an unforgettable cinematic experience

January 17, 2024 | 17:43
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Galaxy Sala marks a pioneering investment in the diverse cinematic space and provides a multidimensional experience that caters to the needs of discerning audiences amidst the vibrant 2024 Lunar New Year film market.

The Lunar New Year film season is typically busy for an extended period of time, as it is when people are most leisurely after a year of work, seeking entertainment activities like cinema.

The much-anticipated release of films during the 2024 Lunar New Year period, such as 'Gap lai chi bau' by the most talked-about couple on social media last year, Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi, or films by directors who have seen great success in previous Lunar New Year seasons like Tran Thanh with 'Mai', alongside a series of animated films for children, promises a significant influx of moviegoers.

However, the downside of the Lunar New Year is that cinemas are often fully booked, leading to subpar experiences for film enthusiasts due to cramped seating and prolonged waiting times. The image and sound quality are not always great, and the service often has limitations due to the overwhelming number of customers.

Marking an impressive turning point after a 20-year journey alongside Vietnamese cinema, Galaxy Sala cinema is introducing a movie-going experience that surpasses conventional theatres. Promising to create a diverse cinematic space and a multidimensional experience, it meets the growing demands of audiences for a heightened entertainment experience.

Galaxy Sala provides an unforgettable cinematic experience

The launch of Galaxy Sala last December at Thiso Mall Sala Shopping Centre, equipped with the first modern IMAX Laser screen in Vietnam, promises an unforgettable cinematic adventure for the Lunar New Year. The IMAX Laser technology represents the pinnacle of modern IMAX.

The advancement of the Laser 4K projection system has brought about a superior breakthrough compared to the current 2K projection systems with xenon lamps.

The power of Laser 4K technology makes each frame not only brighter but also sharper, more detailed, and with optimal contrast. Furthermore, the colour spectrum is reproduced in a diverse and precise manner, creating a captivating cinematic space where every scene becomes vivid, realistic, and deeply connects with the audience.

Galaxy Sala provides an unforgettable cinematic experience

Furthermore, Galaxy Sala is the first theatre to provide an enticing and sophisticated culinary experience, with two main services, CineMunch and VIP Boulevard Lounge.

This is an excellent service for this Lunar New Year season, when families tend to go to the movies together. This dining service will be ideal for the upcoming festivities, serving as a place to relax, dine, and enjoy a film to conclude a day out.

A unique feature of Galaxy Sala are the themed screening rooms, including Lagom, Laurus, and Haatopia. Each concept embodies a differenr style.

If Haatopia draws inspiration from the phrase 'Hakuna Matata,' meaning a land of laughter, Lagom conveys the philosophy of balanced, minimalist, and tranquil living. Those who favour luxury and sophistication, can opt for the Laurus screening room, with its mysterious, private black-themed architecture.

Such themes will help the cinema entice a broader range of customers and seem them return for future visits. Film enthusiasts will have an optimal experience in their preferred space, enjoying the movie on an ultra-wide screen, delivering international-standard image and sound quality.

Galaxy Cinema mobilised capital from bond issuance Galaxy Cinema mobilised capital from bond issuance

As cinemas across the country are in adversity due to COVID-19 and the shortage of overseas blockbusters, Galaxy Cinema approached bond issuance as a solution to maintain performance.

Ministries told to consider reopening Hanoi cinemas ahead Tet Ministries told to consider reopening Hanoi cinemas ahead Tet

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism must work with the Ministry of Health and concerned organisations to consider the reopening of cinema theatres nationwide, with the COVID-19 situation taken into account, according to a notice newly released by the Government’s Office.

Vietnamese film receives documentary award from South Korea Vietnamese film receives documentary award from South Korea

In early December, the For Vietnamese Stature Foundation officially released the documentary “Improvisational theatre for perception changing and problem solving”. This is the only Vietnamese initiative to receive the 2021 Documentary Video Awards of the Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education (KIGEPE).

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