Wild beauty by the deep blue sea

June 15, 2012 | 10:54
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Duc Hanh talks to Dong Son Lam, general manager of Wild Beach Resort & Spa Nha Trang, about setting up a luxurious property in a remote destination in Khanh Hoa province

What encouraged you to build a resort in such an isolated and unknown location by Ninh Phuoc hamlet, Ninh Tinh village?

First of all, I love travel to the beach. When I first got here, I was fascinated by the wild nature of this place. The desire to share this beautiful beach with everybody encouraged me to build the resort.

How would you define the concept?

The nature here is so beautiful and so wild. So the concept is not to destroy the beautiful nature but use it as one of our strengths.

Is the location of Wild Beach Resort & Spa an important advantage?

In one way, the location of Wild Beach Resort & Spa is not an advantage at all. It’s a little out of the way. But Wild Beach Resort & Spa can use it as one of the reasons to attract customers, who want to enjoy the pure nature and tranquillity.

Is there much competition for Wild Beach Resort in the region? What sets your resort apart?

Of course, in any business competition is everywhere. The first and also biggest competition comes from the hotels and resorts in Nha Trang city, because the guest must come to Nha Trang first, and only after that can they get to Wild Beach Resort & Spa. Wild Beach Resort & Spa is proud to have a long private beach in Khanh Hoa province, where the guest can truly enjoy their time on the beach without being distracted or hassled.

What market segments does Wild Beach Resort & Spa aim to attract?

Our main clients are middle-class to upper-class guests, who are real nature lovers. Two years ago, most of our guests were still foreigners but now we see a significant change in our segment: there are more and more Vietnamese guests who love the concept and want to seek a real hideaway from the hectic life in big cities.

What challenges have you met when operating and promoting your resort as well as the unique image of the isolated area to local and foreign clients inside and outside Vietnam?

Wild Beach Resort & Spa has been developed in hamorny with its local surroundings

The biggest challenges in operating not only Wild Beach Resort & Spa but also most places in Vietnam are to with human resources. The skill and English levels of staff were not up to standard so it took a lot of time and money to give them the proper training in order to work in the industry.

But in a place like this, where the local people still have such natural characteristics, such as pure friendliness to foreigners, and a little shyness, foreign tourists find it interesting and more “Vietnamese” than modern touristy cities where the people are more professional but also more “commercialised”.

Which efforts have you made to further promote local tourism? How are you involved with giving back to the local community?

The unique advantage of Ninh Phuoc – Ninh Van region is its purity and natural beauty, untouched by modernised tourism, and we intend to keep it that way. This beauty will be our main focus and highlight in all marketing activities because that’s what makes the area distinct from Nha Trang.

All of our staff comes from the local villages and we still plan to recruit local people for the resort as our effort to provide jobs for the area. We also support local charities regularly with every resource we have: cash, food or education.

What does the future have in store for tourism in Ninh Hoa district?

First of all, Ninh Van is not completely isolated any more as we have already have the road that connects Ninh Hoa and Ninh Van, which can attract more investors to come and build resort there.

Also we already know that Ninh Hoa is famous for nem (spring rolls), but there are still many foods that tourists would love to discover such as banh canh cua, ga ninh quang, banh uot so 1, et cetera. I think Ninh Hoa will rise in the near future since the district already has rich potential in its local cuisine.


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