ViMariel, the first Vietnamese industrial park in Cuba

August 27, 2018 | 10:00
Vietnam – Cuba have always sought to boost economic cooperation, brought it closer to the long-standing diplomatic relations between two countries. As the first Vietnamese company to enter the Cuban market, Viglacera Corporation has invested into its first industrial park in the country.
vimariel the first vietnamese industrial park in cuba

TC Mariel is poised to become a major transshipment hub in America

ZEDMariel: Potential to attract investment in Cuba

Mariel Special Development Zone (ZED Mariel) is the first special development zone in Cuba, which is only 45 kilometres from the capital Havana. This zone has been invested by the Cuban government to become the largest industrial area in the country.

The Cuban government encourages investment in the sectors of food industry, consumer goods, construction materials, packaging industry, and agriculture to provide to the domestic market and promote socioeconomic development.

In the future, ZED Mariel is expected to export products and services in the region and become the leading hub for the US, thanks to TC Mariel port located within the zone.

As one of the five deep-water ports in the Caribbean and Central America, TC Mariel Port is the shortest-haul and lowest-cost to the US in the region. Furthermore, enterprises will benefit from the regulatory framework, incentives, and friendly business environment. Financial Times fDi magazine elected ZED Mariel as the winner of the “Best Zone to Consider in the Future” category in the Best Global Zones of the Year 2017 competition.

ViMariel Industrial Park—an attractive destination in Central America

Situated in ZED Mariel, ViMariel IP benefits from a prime location as well as preferential policies from the Cuban government.

It is very easy to access to ViMariel IP through Jose Marti International Airport (42km far), De Baracoa Airport (25km), San Antonio De Los Banos Airport (25km). The four-lane motorway from the IP joins the main eastern arterial road to the capital Havana (one hour drive), as well as the airports and seaports in the west.

vimariel the first vietnamese industrial park in cuba

Illustrative perspective of ViMariel IP

Viglacera Corporation will invest in synchronously building technical infrastructure: electricity supply from the 110/22 KV national transformer station (25MVA), a water supply station (6,500 cubic metres per day), a separate drainage system and waste water treatment system (up to 4,800cu.m per day). Solid waste from factories will be sorted, collected, and transported to the waste disposal area.

In addition, investors in ViMariel IP are supported by other services, such as restaurants, café, ETECSA telecommunications, security systems, customs systems, banking services, and cargo services by sea, rail, and road. These will allow investors to save time and money in foreign markets in general and Central America in particular.

In order to attract domestic and foreign investors in ZED Mariel, the Cuban government offers special tax incentives, fast approval, a one-stop system, and support in the recruitment of local labour resources, and among others.

ViMariel is shaping up to be a potential destination for investors whose products and services are aimed at the Cuban market or other export markets.

ViMariel IP has a total area of 156 hectares with 119.11ha of industrial land (76 per cent), with the rest housing technical infrastructure and service and green areas. ViMariel IP expects to attract companies from the hi-tech, building materials production, and electronics sectors and other industries which are able to meet the economic needs of Cuba, aiming to become a leading manufacturing and trading hub for Central America.

As the best industrial park developer in the Asia-Pacific Property Awards 2013 and 20 years of experience, Viglacera Corporation has pioneered the investment and development of ViMariel IP. This IP promises to create new opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to enter the American market.

For further information, please contact: Viglacera Real Estate Company Hotline: (+84) 903 405 099 | Website:

By Minh Vu

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