Unleashing AI's sales and marketing potential: Highlights from VSMCamp & CSMOSummit 2023

November 28, 2023 | 11:07
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On November 24-25, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) Association of Vietnam, in collaboration with Le Bros, successfully hosted the 7th National Sales and Marketing Congress (VSMCamp) and the CSMOSummit. This year's edition brought together top sales and marketing directors who provided valuable insights over the course of the two-day event.
Unleashing AI's sales and marketing potential: Highlights from VSMCamp & CSMOSummit 2023

With 44 presentations and a series of engaging discussions, the event attracted close to 2,000 attendees and garnered widespread media coverage.

In its seventh year, it presented an unprecedented volume of content, including 31 presentations, dozens of speeches, 11 open discussions, and two roundtable sessions. The speakers, a who's who of industry leaders, represented a diverse range of sectors, both domestic and international.

The participants included representatives from FPT Group, VPBank, PrimeData, Apple South Asia, Biti’s, MGi, Nafoods Group, CAO Jewellery, GEEK Up, CNG Group, Elite PR School, NEWING, Embassy Education, Viet An Group, Pencil Group, Credify, ADT Global, Purpose.Ant, Agilead Global, Swinburne Vietnam, Tribe Hospitality, OMEGA Media, CGO ACCESSTRADE, Opla CRM, AION Tech, Plato Academy, and others.

A central theme of VSMCamp & CSMOSummit 2023 was the influence of AI in the new era of creativity, with a particular focus on the capabilities of models like ChatGPT and other large language systems.

Experts delved into the limitless potential of AI, revealing fresh perspectives on its integration into creative processes, especially in a technology-driven business landscape.

The event also spotlighted in-depth content that enabled businesses to grasp market trends and customer-centric marketing strategies. Discussions centred around the synergistic relationship between humans and AI in sparking a new era of creativity, business-to-business marketing, and agility in adapting alongside innovations.

A highlight of this year's event was the AI Workshop, themed Applying ChatGPT and AI in Content Creation. This workshop offered attendees a hands-on experience with AI in creative content development, video production, and image creation. It emerged as one of the most popular sessions, illustrating the growing interest in practical AI applications.

At the summit, experts from diverse fields converged to share insights and strategies for bolstering sales and marketing in today's challenging economic landscape. The event underscored the significance of fostering a robust corporate culture and leveraging influential Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) and AI technologies to spur growth.

Nguyen Thi Minh Giang, founder of NEWING, an agency specialising in organisational and leadership development, initiated the discussions with her presentation on The Culture of Care: Transforming Every Employee into an Outstanding Salesperson.

She emphasised the importance of understanding fixed and growth mindsets in building a strong and sustainable corporate culture.

“To cultivate a thriving business culture, we must grasp the essence of these mindsets. They profoundly influence how we perceive ourselves, our surroundings, and our approach to building corporate culture,” Giang said.

She also highlighted the need for leadership teams to identify and embrace core values through three main behaviours, namely acknowledging small progress in processes, encouraging experimentation, and fostering learning from others.

Unleashing AI's sales and marketing potential: Highlights from VSMCamp & CSMOSummit 2023

Another focal point of the event was the growing trend of engaging KOCs – consumers with influential market knowledge and experience.

Dang Tien Hoang, CEO of 108 Gaming said, “In a recent livestream as a KOC, I generated nearly VND2 billion (approximately $84,388) in revenue for a brand within just 30 minutes. This demonstrates the remarkable power of KOCs in today's challenging economy.”

He cautioned, however, that while KOCs can significantly boost sales, they are not a panacea and should be judiciously selected to align with brand values.

Le Cong Thanh, chairman of InfoRe, a technology firm specialising in big data processing and AI applications, shared his vision of democratising AI knowledge through the Easy AI movement.

“Every piece of data comprises images, sound, and text, representing the abilities to see, hear, and think. AI, especially multimodel general AI, can process these elements more efficiently than humans, elevating our skills to a higher level,” Thanh said.

The workshop explored applications for ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other modern AI tools in creating content, videos, and more, with participation from industry experts like Tran Anh Tu, Truong Hoang Tho, Wilson Lieu, Nguyen Luu Thanh Minh, Dat Pham, and others.

Le Quoc Vinh, vice president of CSMO Vietnam and chairman of Le Bros shared, “This conference marks a remarkable milestone in pioneering new knowledge, perspectives, experiences, and trends in the sales and marketing sectors both in Vietnam and around the world. We look forward to continuing this journey at the next VSMCamp & CSMOSummit in November 2024 in Hanoi.”

The theme for VSMCamp & CSMOSummit 2023, SmartX – Intelligent Revenue Growth Strategies, set the tone for a series of thought-provoking discussions.

The event left a lasting impact and set the stage for the upcoming season, reaffirming its status as a highly anticipated and respected platform in Vietnam’s sales and marketing community.

VSMCamp 2023 focusses on AI VSMCamp 2023 focusses on AI

The Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) Association of Vietnam, in partnership with Le Bros, held the 7th edition of the National Sales and Marketing Congress (VSMCamp) and the CSMOSummit on November 24-25.

By Trung Duong

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