VSMCamp 2023 focusses on AI

November 24, 2023 | 19:01
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The Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) Association of Vietnam, in partnership with Le Bros, held the 7th edition of the National Sales and Marketing Congress (VSMCamp) and the CSMOSummit on November 24-25.
VSMCamp 2023 focusses on AI

The event marked a significant milestone for the application of cutting-edge technologies in Vietnam. The two-day event was held at Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City, with the aim of delving into how best to utilise AI and other smart solutions in business.

Le Quoc Vinh, chairman of Le Bros and vice chairman of CSMO, highlighted the timely and groundbreaking theme of this year's congress, emphasising the role of AI in revolutionising sales and marketing strategies. "Understanding AI is imperative for business leaders and entrepreneurs," said Vinh.

In an era dominated by technologies like ChatGPT and advanced language models, Vinh said, "There is near limitless potential for creative product development in communications, sales, and marketing, and victory will belong to those who utilise AI adeptly."

Hoang Nam Tien, vice chairman of the Board of FPT University, said, "AI is set to dominate the world, but there are still areas where it cannot replace human expertise, such as highly skilled professions or those requiring emotional intelligence and creativity."

Tien advocated for what he called 'hyper-personalisation' in customer engagement, noting the shift from broad customer segments to unique experiences for each individual.

“This approach, however, poses significant financial challenges, particularly for small- and medium-sized enterprises,” he added.

VSMCamp 2023 focusses on AI

Tech sector expert Dao Trung Thanh, said, "AIs potential to enhance efficiency in areas such as marketing, content creation, consulting, and medicine is just the beginning. However, this field is evolving at lightning speed. Staying updated is not just advisable, it is crucial for anyone looking to leverage this technology effectively."

The conference focused on 12 key topics, including how AI is transforming sales and marketing, the collaboration between humans and AI in a new era of creativity, and the application of ChatGPT in content creation. Other topics that were covered include smart sales strategies, elevating businesses through exceptional customer experiences, business-to-business marketing, and strategies for recovery and growth.

Founded in 2016, VSMCamp and CSMOSummit have become Vietnam's largest annual 2-in-1 industry event. Each year, the event attracts over 1,500 participants from various backgrounds.

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