Song Cau opens its gates to holiday-goers

February 15, 2021 | 15:23
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Upon reaching third-level urban standards, the south-central city of Song Cau in Phu Yen province is charging forward to develop into a green tourism city within the next few years
song cau opens its gates to holiday goers
Song Cau opens its gates to holiday-goers

It is not fortuitous that in the past an investor was once reported to cherish the aspiration of turning Song Cau town into a distinct space dedicated only to the elite. Though the idea has yet to become true, it attests to the uniqueness of this town, a serene and picturesque urban area located in the north of Phu Yen province.

Bordering Quy Nhon – the provincial capital of Binh Dinh – Song Cau possesses an unparalleled position. The town leans on a mountain range, overlooking the stunning Xuan Dai Bay and in proximity to the romantic Cau River. The Nhat Tu Son mountain range is positioned as a firm shield, offering a sense of tranquility and romance.

When talking about Phu Yen, the land of yellow flowers and green grass, it is impossible not to mention Song Cau, with the nearby Xuan Dai Bay being a must-see destination.

Xuan Dai Bay lies 20km south of Song Cau, with National Highway 1A spreading along the western bank of the bay, offering an impressive view across the beaches and ocean over the entire 50km length of the bay.

Within the bay is a variety of islets. Yen Islet presents the gateway to Xuan Dai Bay, while Ong Xa Islet stands like a firm fortress in front of Vung Lam. Meanwhile, Dam Ca Islet, covering about three hectares right in the centre of Xuan Dai Bay, is blessed with a plethora of beautiful coral reefs and sea grass, as well as seafood specialties from the surrounding seabed.

Close to the southern gateway to Xuan Dai Bay lies Da Dia Reef – a famous national attraction with its one-of-a-kind rock formations, and O Loan Lagoon which is well-known for its seafood dishes like blood oysters, Huynh De crab, and many more. North of Xuan Dai Bay lies Tu Nham-Vinh Hoa Beach with its long, smooth sand banks stretching across more than 10km.

The government has approved a master plan to develop Xuan Dai Bay into a national tourism site by 2030. By 2025, the bay is set to grow into a major ocean tourism and entertainment centre of Phu Yen and the south-central coastal region, an important stop-over on the national tourism route, as the site will be connected to other natural tourism attractions in the region such as in Danang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, and the Central Highlands.

By 2030, Xuan Dai Bay resort venue is expected to satisfy all set standards to become a national tourism site.

Besides Xuan Dai Bay, the area is endowed with diverse other stunning spots like Ganh Den and Binh Sa Beach. On the footing of Hon Bo Islet and Mu U Mountain are scenic sites as Bai Than, Bai Nhau, and Lo Tra, as well as a slew of islets of various sizes, creating a stunning landscape for Song Cau.

song cau opens its gates to holiday goers

Yearning to attract

In 2019, the Ministry of Construction enacted Decision No.134/QD-BXD recognising Song Cau town as a third-level urban town under the direct management of Phu Yen. This was a laudable achievement of the management and people of Song Cau, showing their strenuous efforts towards building and improving local infrastructure and people’s lives.

According to Phan Tran Van Huy, Chairman of Song Cau People’s Committee, although the town reached third-level urban standards, much work still need to be done as Song Cau has set to reach city-status under direct provincial management by 2025. To materialise the goal, Song Cau Party Committee has released Directive No.18/CT-TU to continue working on perfecting third-standard urban standards, striving to turn Song Cau town into Song Cau city by 2025.

In light of the directive, the province will provide resources and support in infrastructure development to solidify urban infrastructure, simultaneously helping Song Cau town to complete the master plan on urban zoning.

“Relevant management agencies need to enhance urban development and management in light of the approved plan, focusing on urban infrastructure investment, setting the roadmap on urban development to ensure effective investment attraction, and further perfect residential quarters that meet the criteria of a civilised lifestyle and urban landscape,” said Huy.

song cau opens its gates to holiday goers

Invitations are out

A thorny issue to Song Cau remains is low population density that does not come on par with urban standards. Besides natural population growth, the town will try to leverage its abundant tourism strength to lure large-scale investment projects and attract labourers from other locations to live and work in the town.

To date, quite a few investors like VinaCapital and FLC Group have come to the town, creating an impulse for Song Cau to attract further urban development projects.

In their eyes, Song Cau is one of just a handful of localities with an urban structure featuring diversified terrain, with sea, islands, mountains, and rivers all present. Investment flows into Song Cau’s urban development have posted a good liquidity in the wake of its tourism advantages, and its connection with Quy Nhon.

Song Cau town links to Quy Nhon through a coastal ring road that draws in many investors with a pipeline of noteworthy resort real estate projects.

Tran Du Lich, a member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group, said to lift up growth, it is inevitable for the central region to take tourism as a spearhead sector.

Chairman Huy said in the near future, Song Cau will reach city status, with many hallmarks in urban architectural development towards green, clean, and eco-friendly format, creating a perfect resort space for domestic and international visitors. “The Party, the local authorities, and the people of Song Cau will actively support the goal of turning Song Cau into a city and a notable resort venue of Phu Yen by 2025,” Huy asserted.

By Thuc Son

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