interpreting new real estate statutes

Interpreting new real estate statutes

Real estate funding is expected to increase further thanks to new rules on investment. Tran Thai Binh, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, and Tran Huong Giang at LNT & Partners analyse how the new rules can impact the market in the future.
outlining fresh regulations on personal income tax

Outlining fresh regulations on personal income tax

New rules on personal income tax are expected to impact individuals, households, and also landlords from early August. Tran Thai Binh and Duong Thi Minh Han from law firm LNT & Partners analyse possible impacts on this subject in the market.
the keys to digital bank development

The keys to digital bank development

With Industry 4.0 having a substantial impact on all aspects of the economy and social life, banks are forced to evolve at exponential speed to meet consumers’ needs. Vu Thanh Minh and Nguyen Dieu Linh, lawyers at LNT & Partners, write about digital transformation in the banking industry, and the future trends.
financial mechanisms further clarified for public private partnership ventures

Financial mechanisms further clarified for public-private partnership ventures

Two legal instruments crucial for guiding the execution of public-private partnership projects in Vietnam came into force in March, bringing about new hopes for investors after years of waiting. Vo Phuong Thao, Le Thanh Hieu, and Le Net from LNT & Partners explore their features and influence on Vietnam’s growing and ambitious infrastructure development plan.
bold new approach for digital banking

Bold new approach for digital banking 

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) in late 2020 issued Circular No.16/2020/TT-NHNN amending Circular No.23/2014/TT-NHNN guiding the opening and use of payment accounts at payment service providers, which is one of the prominent legal documents issued to promote the transformation and development of cashless payments. 
new guidance on legal approval process

New guidance on legal approval process

With the effect of the Law on Investment 2020, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Official Letter No.8909/BKHDT-PC at the very end of last year, providing guidance on implementation of investment procedures. Tran Thai Binh and Dao Manh Toan, lawyers at LNT & Partners, analyse the key points and explain how new guidance on approval procedures will benefit potential mergers and acquisitions.
shaking up corporate bond issuance

Shaking up corporate bond issuance

Vietnam has issued new rules on corporate bonds which are expected to make positive changes in the market. Tran Thai Binh and Duong Thi Minh Han from LNT & Partners analyse into how important the improvements are to the offer for sale and issuance of bonds in form of private placement to the issuing companies and investors in the months to come.
the ins and outs of ma in insurance

The ins and outs of M&A in insurance

The Vietnamese insurance market is heating up with many high-value mergers and acquisitions deals taking place over the last two years. Many others are being negotiated, promising a vibrant insurance market. Lawyers Quyen Hoang, Trang Nguyen, and Tam Ngo from LNT & Partners analyse how the legal framework is driving future prospects.
changing the ppp game

Changing the PPP game

The long-awaited draft Law on Public-Private Partnerships is being completed with some issues of special attention among international and domestic private ventures being revised in order to increase bankability and to help reduce public debt. Le Net and Vu Thanh Minh, lawyers at LNT & Partners, discuss how latest draft amendments should deal with the major changes in state guarantee, forms of investment, and consistency with other laws.
crafting a workable ppp law in 2020

Crafting a workable PPP law in 2020

As Vietnam prepares to enter a new development period in 2021 amid global economic changes and the widespread influence of Industry 4.0 and free trade agreements, the country is seeking to increase its appeal to private investors so that it can access more resources to cover its development needs. Le Net and Vu Thi Thinh from LNT & Partners discuss how important public-private partnerships are to the country’s infrastructure development.
finding a way for sustainable fdi attraction

Finding a way for sustainable FDI attraction

Amid rapid global changes, Vietnam is urged to take actions to increase the quality of investment flows. LNT & Partners, ALB Thomson Reuters Vietnam Law Firm of the Year 2019, analyses the important factors for the country to attract sustainable investment.
building the mechanism for sturdy fdi efficiency

Building the mechanism for sturdy FDI efficiency

With significant contributions of foreign investment to Vietnam’s social-economic development over the past 30 years, Vietnam is working to increase its quality and efficiency for future attraction. Le Net from LNT & Partners and Nguyen Hung Quang from NHQuang & Associates delve into the last three decades and also look at the importance of new orientations for future investment prospects.
pros of sandbox regulation for fintech

Pros of sandbox regulation for fintech

With the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the application of digital technologies for providing financial services has become the key driver in promoting financial inclusion. However, the industry’s growth will not only depend on investments, new technologies, or smartphone penetration, but will also require a robust legal framework. Le Net and Hoang Nhu Quynh from law firm LNT & Partners, listed as innovative lawyers by the Financial Times in 2015, 2016, and 2019, analysed how Vietnam can accelerate the development of companies within the fintech regulatory sandbox.
promoting cross border bot partners

Promoting cross-border BOT partners

While build-operate-transfer transport projects are proving a moderate success, considerable controversies continue to revolve around them. Ngo Thanh Hai and Le Nguyen Quoc Sy, lawyers at LNT & Partners, give a deep analysis on how attractive the investment model to foreign investors is, and how Vietnam can learn experience from neighbouring countries in order to develop future successful projects.
the push for ppp projects in health

The push for PPP projects in health

Despite some growing interest, private investment in Vietnamese healthcare ventures remains low, with calls to supplement incentives for new projects in order to attract more funding. Lawyers Le Net, Pham Manh Hung, and Hoang Nhu Quynh of LNT & Partners, which has just received the Vietnam Law Firm of the Year award from Thomson Reuters, offer analysis and recommendations on the current regulations of public-private partnerships in the healthcare sector.