SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarships awarded to 200 students

December 21, 2023 | 11:13
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On December 19, SCG, in partnership with the Central Youth Union, the Central Council of Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneers’ Organisation, and the Ho Chi Minh City Student Assistant Center, announced it had awarded SCG Sharing The Dream scholarships to 100 undergraduates and 100 younger students across Vietnam.
SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarships awarded to 200 students

Within the span of three months, the SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarship programme attracted an overwhelming response, with over 600 applications received from all around the country. This scholarship has been a steadfast companion for numerous generations of Vietnamese students, offering financial support that enables young individuals to take confident strides forward, surmount challenges, and seize new opportunities.

The initiative provides financial aid and facilitates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) training activities, fostering creative thinking among the youth and empowering them to contribute their abilities to the nation's sustainability.

The SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarship offering celebrated the achievements of the scholars with two award ceremonies held on December 13 in Hanoi and December 19 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Praween Wirotpan, general director of SCG Vietnam said, "At SCG, we are deeply committed to our ESG 4 Plus strategy, with the aim to reduce inequality through education. SCG places great importance on providing opportunities for the youth in Vietnam. The stories of these students have truly inspired us and reaffirmed our dedication to empowering them."

"We tirelessly seek opportunities to support these individuals on their journey towards a quality education and a promising future, empowering them to become change-makers in their communities and pursue their dreams. We believe that investing in the education of these talented students will benefit them and contribute to the overall development of Vietnam," added Wirotpan.

Le Hai Long, member of the Standing Committee, head of the Central Youth Union's Children's Affairs Committee, and deputy of the Central Council of Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneers’ Organisation stated, "On the journey to pursuing their dreams, not every young individual has the necessary conditions to fully unleash their abilities and talents. It is for this reason that we provide support to ensure equal access to education, enabling these young people to fulfill their dreams."

"We are deeply grateful to the SCG for their dedication to the cause of education in Vietnam. We hope to continue to collaborate with SCG on more meaningful programmes in the future," Long continued.

With the objective of nurturing scholars to become global citizens who contribute to the sustainability of the country, the SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarship also organised a series of ESG activities. Through online and class-based training, video lectures, and factory tours to SCG companies such as PRIME Group and Vina Kraft Paper Co., Ltd., students learned about sustainable business practices.

To bridge the gap between theory and practice, students also collaborated with specialists to create ESG projects, including the Environmental Cabinet that focuses on waste collection and recycling within their university. These activities equip the students with practical knowledge and inspire them to have a positive influence on their community.

The SCG Sharing The Dream scholarship also created a challenge to seek out two outstanding young participants. Accordingly, Nguyen Trong Tinh, a fourth-year student at Can Tho University, and Nguyen Thi Cam Ly, a fourth-year student at the Academy of Journalism and Communication, have become SCG's ESG Ambassadors 2023, participating in the regional ESG Symposium.

"The companionship of a pioneering enterprise implementing ESG like SCG gives me the opportunity and motivation to realise my group's research ideas into real products that contribute to society," Tinh shared.

Among the recipients of the SCG Sharing The Dream 2023 scholarships, Huynh Ngoc Hieu, Do Hai Anh, and Ngo Gia Thao also stand out as exemplary representatives, recognised for their remarkable journeys and dedication to making a difference.

Huynh Ngoc Hieu, a visually impaired first-year student at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City, exemplifies resilience and determination. Despite his disability, Hieu has regained his joy in life and aspires to empower others with disabilities through technology. He is studying marketing technology and actively participates in community projects to support disabled individuals.

SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarships awarded to 200 students

Similarly, Do Hai Anh, a first-year student at the Foreign Trade University, is passionate about environmental sustainability and engages in various projects and campaigns. Anh promotes sustainable practices and advocates for increasing awareness of environmental issues.

Ngo Gia Thao, a first-year student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, who achieved second place at the national level and was a finalist in the Hacks to Heal Our Planet: ESG Idea Pitching competition organised by SCG, dreams of becoming an English teacher to impart knowledge and experience to future generations. Thao focuses on environmental issues and has developed innovative solutions, such as using coconut fibres for toothbrush bristles and promoting plastic waste recycling.

Their stories serve as powerful reminders of the significance of the SCG Sharing The Dream scholarship in supporting and empowering exceptional individuals who strive to create meaningful change.

As part of the scholarship, the students received valuable gifts, including a specially designed backpack produced in collaboration with SCG and Limloop – the first store chain in Vietnam that focuses on zero waste and disability empowerment.

This meaningful gift is crafted from recycled nylon, showcasing the commitment to sustainability. Minh Thu, an alumnus of the SCG Sharing The Dream scholarship in 2016, defied expectations and became the store's sales manager despite having problems with her vision. This inspiring achievement delivers a powerful message that sustainable development is attainable by anyone, regardless of their circumstances.

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By Thanh Van

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