New World Saigon Hotel building a sustainable future

April 27, 2023 | 09:28
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New World Saigon Hotel and a group of exceptionally intelligent young artists have generated the Raucycle – Rau Củ hay Rau Cũ? collection, with the aim of transforming wasted, irregularly shaped vegetables into artwork in honour of Earth Month and to further encourage the idea of not wasting food.

The collection Raucycle begins with the main painting depicting Mother Earth and is titled Source to commemorate the significance of how nature sustains all life.

Mother Earth is the centrepiece of five paintings that cover the five elements, which feature imaginative depictions of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, using common, rustic items such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and more.

New World Saigon Hotel building a sustainable future
A warm dinner celebration was hosted by New World Saigon Hotel on April 21 at Park View Café restaurant

To preserve the vegetables’ original colour, each is expertly dried and attached to the painting’s surface before being lavishly covered in epoxy glue. The six images serve as a reminder of the fundamental components that constitute a complete living space that can nourish life.

New World Saigon’s Raucycle series aims to recognise and adhere to the imperfect beauty that comes from the values that nature bestows. Throughout the month of May, New World Saigon Hotel cordially welcomes art enthusiasts to stop by the hotel lobby, admire the artworks, and snap some nice pictures to help spread the word about environmental conservation.

In the luxurious and cosy space of Parkview Café restaurant, guests not only have the opportunity to enjoy and listen to the story behind the beautiful works of art, but also immerse themselves in a great seafood party.

The guests at the main event were treated to a unique culinary journey with a range of premium seafood options, which included Nha Trang lobster, abalone, and oysters, as well as other delightful hot dishes consisting of US beef tenderloin and succulent slow-cooked lamb leg, which are known for their absolute freshness and the experienced chefs' expert craftsmanship.

To comply with the zero-plastics policy, non-biodegradable plastic water bottles have been replaced at New World Saigon with reusable glass and aluminium bottles. Only plastic items or durable plastic bags are provided as amenities in guest rooms.

New World Saigon Hotel building a sustainable future

The hotel is also dedicated to putting into practice a zero-rubbish strategy, which aims to recycle and reuse waste to minimise landfill to 10 per cent of the daily total.

The hotel will engage with material suppliers to re-manufacture cardboard bins after the rubbish has been processed.

Furthermore, New World Saigon has been working with businesses who collect leftovers to provide food to boost livestock production in an effort to reduce food waste.

The world produces more than 2.1 billion tonnes of waste annually, with more than a third being made up of processed food. However, food scarcities also pose a persistent threat to billions of people globally. That enormous amount of food not only wastes resources but also produces methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

For the coffee grounds that are discarded daily from the Whisper Bar & Lounge, the hotel has partnered with a local business to produce recycled cups made from coffee grounds that have a lovely design, a mild coffee aroma, are biodegradable and highly functional, contain no harmful substances, and are BPA-free.

The hotel additionally formed a sustainable environmental committee for keeping a close eye on CO2 emissions and conducts regular training sessions for staff members on environmental conservation knowledge to ensure they adhere to the laws of the state and the corporation.

New World Saigon Hotel is ideally located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, in the middle of a busy neighbourhood with many entertainment venues, local markets, museums, and cultural centres.

Only 20 minutes from Tan Son Nhat International Airport and a few steps from the central bus station, the hotel is the perfect location to freely explore the city.

The hotel offers 533 new guest rooms and event spaces, an all-day restaurant, a sophisticated Cantonese cuisine restaurant, and a lively lounge to enjoy a night out.

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