Maxilite and Dulux to launch new products to optimise customer experience

March 25, 2020 | 14:43
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Maxilite and Dulux, the two reputable paints brand, have just introduced to consumers and the Vietnamese market a new range of products with advanced features that help optimise customer experience in the mid-range and premium segment.
maxilite and dulux to launch new products to optimise customer experience
Maxilite and Dulux from AkzoNobel have launched a series of new products featuring significant improvements

For more than 25 years since 1994, Maxilite has gradually conquered the mid-range market and customers nationwide with its high quality and reasonable prices, constantly aiming to exceed all customers’ expectations and fully meet their needs. Maxilite paint products have been long known for their anti-peeling and long-lasting colour paint film. As high-quality polymer-based emulsion paints with SuperLock technology, Maxilite paints firmly adhere to substrates, effectively preventing peeling off and providing beautiful colours for longer.

Following the 2020 launch, AkzoNobel will introduce customers a wide range of new Maxilite products featuring the latest consumer preference – Low Sheen surface. It includes Exterior paint Maxilite Tough Low Sheen and Interior paint Maxilite Total Low Sheen. These first Low Sheen surface paints in the mass segment will allow consumers to enjoy not only anti-peeling and long-lasting colour attributes but also their favourite low sheen surface.

Additionally, this time, Maxilite is also proud to be the first player offering customers the full application of computer mixing technology in colour selection. All colours offered for Maxilite Tough Exterior, Maxilite Total Interior, Maxilite Hi-Cover Interior, and Maxilite Smooth Interior will be set up on tinting machines to bring consumers the greatest convenience in choosing their favourite colours. There will be a database of up to 500 different colours, covering the core lines of Maxilite to meet the demand of consumers.

The premium Dulux brand will also add to its portfolio a new-generation waterproof solution for floors – Dulux Aquatech Max. With the outstanding hydro-resist technology, the material offers twice the waterproofing effect, optimises anti-cracking effect, and simplifies application without the use of cement.

As part of its drive to be more sustainable for the people and the planet and help reduce plastic waste, Dulux will offer the new 15-litre package size for customers buying premium exterior paint Dulux Weathershield, premium interior paint Dulux EasyClean Stain Repellent, and super-premium interior paint Dulux Ambiance 5IN1. Customers will save 5 per cent when buying the bigger packs.

maxilite and dulux to launch new products to optimise customer experience
A new generation of waterproof solution for floor

“As customer demand is increasing and growing more diverse, we are pushed to innovative continuously. With the new launch, we promise to optimise customer experience, satisfy their needs with better and more diverse products that appear for the first time in the market. All new Maxilite ranges are the first low sheen and the first 100 per cent tinting products in the mass segment while Aquatech Max is the first no-mixing with cement waterproof for floor surfaces. Computer tools and innovative paints technology will also help to bring about great cost and time savings for consumers,” said Pamela Phua, general director of AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam. “With these new enhancements, I believe we can generate fresh and exciting colour experiences for our most fastidious customers.”

In recent years, the Maxilite and Dulux brands have received positive reviews from leading organisations and experts such as the National Technical Standard Certificate for Wall Paints issued by Quality Assurance and Testing Center 3 (QUATEST 3) and the Green Label certificate issued by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC). These are set as the common standards for all brands under AkzoNobel in markets around the world.

By Ha Vy

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