FedEx Express enhances intercontinental delivery services from Vietnam

November 02, 2023 | 17:31
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FedEx Vietnam slashes transit times: Southern Vietnam exports reach major Asian markets in one day, Europe in just two working days.
FedEx Express enhances intercontinental delivery services from Vietnam

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of the global courier delivery services company FedEx Corp, has inaugurated a new flight route aimed at enhancing intercontinental package delivery services between Vietnam and key markets across Asia, the Middle East, Africa (AMEA), and Europe. This move marks a significant step in shortening transit times for goods between these regions.

From October 31, 2023, FedEx has initiated four weekly evening flights from Ho Chi Minh City using dedicated Boeing 767 cargo aircraft. These flights are set to bolster connectivity between Asia and Europe via the FedEx Asia-Pacific Hub in Guangzhou, China.

As a result, export shipments from southern Vietnam to major Asian markets are now expected to have transit times of just one day, and only two working days to Europe.

The introduction of these new flights adds to the existing five weekly services to Asia, Europe, and the United States, which includes four morning flights through the FedEx South Pacific Hub in Singapore and an existing evening flight through the Asia-Pacific Hub.

With Southeast Asia's manufacturing hubs diversifying and growing in prominence to enhance the quality of goods and services, multilateral free trade agreements are increasingly facilitating tighter trade relations, making the region a significant trading partner.

"The recent emergence of Vietnam as a global manufacturing hub has spurred an increasing demand for air freight," said Ee-Hui Tan, Operations director at FedEx Express Vietnam and Cambodia.

She also added, "Our primary motivation stems from an anticipated surge in demand from sectors needing increased shipping capacity and faster transit times. This includes key industries like high-tech, semiconductors, and textiles and garments."

The move comes as industries evolve, demanding faster and more efficient supply chain solutions.

Parallel to this, the impact of comprehensive trade agreements cannot be overlooked.

"Free Trade Agreements, notably the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, are set to further stimulate businesses, encouraging them to amplify their cross-border trade operations. Such agreements are reshaping global trade patterns and enabling businesses to explore new growth horizons," Tan said.

Significantly, these new flights from Ho Chi Minh City and the broader southern Vietnam region are projected to reduce shipping times by a full business day.

FedEx Express: Delivering logistics for growth in Vietnam FedEx Express: Delivering logistics for growth in Vietnam

Since 1994, FedEx has been supporting Vietnamese small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in expanding their cross-border trade through its extensive transportation and logistics network, while also actively contributing to the local community.

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By Nhat Minh

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