Coca-Cola unites 1,000 Vietnamese families at Lunar New Year celebration

January 24, 2024 | 11:02
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In a grand celebration of its 30-year presence in Vietnam, Coca-Cola organised the Magic Tet Meal Table event on January 20, marking a significant milestone on its journey with Vietnamese families. The event, a blend of cultural festivity and corporate philanthropy, witnessed participation from over 1,000 families, along with partners, media agencies, and artists, all uniting to extend goodwill to the wider community.
Coca-Cola unites 1,000 Vietnamese families at Lunar New Year celebration

Demonstrating its commitment to Vietnamese traditions and the spirit of communal support during the Lunar New Year holiday, Coca-Cola announced donations totalling VND7.5 billion ($316,000). A contribution of VND3 billion ($127,000) was made to the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union – Vietnam Youth Federation of Ho Chi Minh City, aimed at supporting underprivileged children.

Additionally, the company allocated VND4.5 billion ($190,000) to the Tet Nhan Ai (Charity Tet) Fund of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross. This funding is designated for the Zero-dong Tet Market initiative, intended to assist 6,000 households in need across Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Long An, enabling them to partake in the Lunar New Year celebrations.

This year's Lunar New Year campaign underscores Coca-Cola's dedication to nurturing meaningful values within the Vietnamese community, a commitment that has been evident throughout its 30-year history in the region.

Celebrating a prosperous Vietnam: Over 1,000 new year wishes

Following the success of its 2023 campaign, Coca-Cola ushered in the Dragon Year 2024 with the Magic Tet Meal Table event. The event, resonating with over 1,000 families and guests, not only paid homage to traditional Vietnamese meals but also played a pivotal role in reinforcing familial bonds and instilling a sense of pride and prosperity at the onset of the New Year.

Leonardo Garcia, general director of Coca-Cola Vietnam and Cambodia said, “Over the past three decades, Coca-Cola has engaged with the rich Vietnamese culture, traditions, and celebrations. The Magic Tet Meal Table epitomises this bond, bringing together families and guests to extend our heartfelt wishes for a prosperous Dragon Year in Vietnam.”

The event, with over 2,000 attendees, was a spectacle of numerous activities and set six extraordinary records, as certified by the World Records Union (WorldKings).

These records include the largest gathering of New Year wishes in Vietnam, the highest participation in an online game-based Lunar New Year wish event, and the most records achieved in a national or global Lunar New Year campaign.

Furthermore, the event featured the largest simultaneous pizza giveaway in Vietnam, courtesy of Al Fresco's, and was recognised as the world’s largest Lunar New Year event for the number of New Year wishes conveyed through online and offline platforms, encapsulating the theme Togetherness is Magic.

Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the distinctive atmosphere of Vietnam's four major cities, recreated through interactive booths. The event also offered a vibrant musical ambiance, light shows, and emotional performances from celebrated Vietnamese artists like Hoang Dung and Suni Ha Linh, adding to the festive spirit of the occasion.

Coca-Cola bolsters community support with charitable contributions and cultural celebrations

In a move that is emblematic of its ongoing commitment to community engagement, Coca-Cola has furthered its support for Vietnamese families and youth as part of its Lunar New Year campaign.

The multinational beverage corporation collaborated with the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union during the Magic Tet Meal Table event, where it pledged a donation of VND3 billion (approximately $127,000) to the Vietnam Youth Federation of Ho Chi Minh City. This substantial contribution is specifically earmarked for aiding children and the underprivileged in the city.

Coca-Cola unites 1,000 Vietnamese families at Lunar New Year celebration

Concurrently, Coca-Cola ushered in the second year of its Zero-dong Tet Market programme, an initiative launched in Ho Chi Minh City that is set to extend its reach to Hanoi, Long An, and Danang until February 3.

With a commitment of VND4.5 billion ($190,000), the programme is designed to benefit over 6,000 households. This initiative underscores Coca-Cola's dedication to fostering community spirit and ensuring that every family can enjoy a traditional Lunar New Year meal.

The Zero-dong Tet Market programme includes the distribution of Co.opmart coupons, enabling households to procure essential products or ingredients for their Lunar New Year meals. In addition to this, the initiative offers an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the festive Lunar New Year atmosphere, enriched with a variety of entertainment activities that reflect the cultural essence of the Vietnamese New Year.

Vu Thanh Luu, vice president of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross, expressed his gratitude for Coca-Cola's collaboration by saying, "Working with Coca-Cola for the second consecutive year on the Zero-dong Tet Market is a privilege. Their innovative approach significantly enhances the community's morale, allowing those less fortunate to welcome the New Year with greater joy and optimism."

Coca-Cola embraces cultural unity with Lunar New Year campaign Coca-Cola embraces cultural unity with Lunar New Year campaign

On December 22, Coca-Cola Vietnam launched its Lunar New Year 2024 campaign, themed "Gan Ket Lam Nen Tet Dieu Ky" (Unite for a Magical Lunar New Year), celebrating cultural heritage and fostering intergenerational connections by highlighting shared experiences within families.

By Bao Giang

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