AB InBev and FTU foster healthy and smart drinking approach

June 15, 2022 | 15:29
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AB InBev cooperated with the Foreign Trade University (FTU) and hosted the In Your Eyes 2022 contest, where students promoted ideas to enjoy beer more responsibly and clear up old gender stereotypes.

AB InBev has been committed to fostering a culture of Global Smart Drinking, and as the world's leading brewer, AB InBev has the exclusive opportunity to make a meaningful impact in its community. AB InBev has always believed that you should never drink alcohol before or while driving.

After accompanying Saigon Teu in the first quarter of 2022, AB InBev continues to cooperate with the FTU in the In Your Eyes 2022 contest.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, the consumption of alcohol by Vietnamese people in 2018 was high compared to many countries in the region.

To limit negative consequences, the message of enjoying alcohol responsibly has been promoted in the community and society in recent years.

The core problem here is the excessive consumption of alcohol as a society still perceives it. In addition, society's prejudices against people, especially men, about alcohol are now very negative.

Beer has long become an indispensable tool to "measure" the level of masculinity. Many people still assume that, if a man wants to be successful, he must know how to drink a lot of beer.

Thus, with such rigid gender stereotypes, forcing people into responsibilities is not appropriate for these times, simply because their biological sex has long been assigned to those roles. Along with stealing personal freedom, gender stereotypes also indirectly affect people's health.

On the occasion of the current Pride month of the LGBTQ+ community, AB InBev accompanies FTU in the In Your Eyes contest to eliminate old gender stereotypes and spread the spirit of enjoyment and responsibility.

AB InBev and FTU foster healthy and smart drinking approach
Representative of AB InBev, Truong Van Toan, accompanied the students to spread the message of enjoying alcohol responsibly

During May and June, to reduce harmful consumption and influence a behavioural change according to social norms through the power of brands, representatives of AB InBev shared with FTU's students the company's global strategy on the environment, society, and corporate governance standards, with many contents such as sustainable agriculture, water management, recycling, entrepreneurship, climate, inclusion, and responsible beer consumption, to help them better understand the role alcohol plays in their lives and confidently express themselves.

AB InBev and FTU foster healthy and smart drinking approach

At the gala night, five groups of students presented their ideas on Global Smart Drinking.

With some assigned cases, the students presented their key ideas and proposals, spreading the message that one should be a responsible person no matter what gender they are.

AB InBev and FTU foster healthy and smart drinking approach
Students presented the idea of Responsible Enjoyment applied in society

Truong Van Toan, director of Legal and Corporate Affairs for Southeast Asia said, "Enjoying responsibly is an important part of our sustainable development strategy to promote positive and meaningful impacts on a global scale and in Vietnam. We believe that Gen Z is very quick to grasp social trends, expressing the contemporary breath of their generation. Through the In Your Eyes 2022 contest, they have understood that beer, if used in moderation, is a catalyst that makes it easier for people to connect and share with each other more openly. However, alcohol tolerance is certainly not a measure of bravery or gender, and today's young generation has countless effective ways to demonstrate their ability, as well as promote good relationships without the need to abuse alcohol.”

By Mai Dang

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