Tek Experts goes leading in training IT manpower

November 03, 2018 | 10:25
According to Navigos Search’s statistics, the recruitment demand for middle and senior level positions from Navigos Search’s clients in 2017 increased 28 per cent compared to 2016. IT sector ranked fourth regarding the recruitment demand for middle and senior level positions. In this sector, the highest recruitment demand belongs to information technology and software services.  

Also, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications, the total current IT manpower is over 600,000 employees in Vietnam. Within this number, employees working in the hardware industry make up about 300,000. The remaining staffs are working in the field of software industry and digital content creation. Vietnam is forecasted to require 1.2 million IT employees by 2020.

Increasing the shortage of IT manpower raises concerns for tech firms to maintain and develop their existing employees in order to minimising the switching jobs.

Some companies are recognising this war for talent and are taking a more creative approach to recruitment and retention. Tek Experts has developed a reputation for not only recruiting new talent but also investing in the development of their long-term careers and giving them opportunities to grow and learn new skills that will make them more attractive to current and future employers.0

This serves not only to help Tek Experts recruit new talent, but also to retain them for the long term. It also means that the IT industry in Vietnam will be rewarded with highly skilled technical talent which will enable the country to achieve its long-term goal of becoming a global hub for IT services.

Tek Experts invests in training them when they join Tek Experts and support them to learn new skills, new technologies, and also obtain certifications.

tek experts goes leading in training it manpower

A working corner of Tek Experts

Over the years, Tek Experts has worked with many schools and universities in Vietnam to prepare new graduates for a career in IT. They have given students the chance to visit their state-of-the-art offices, take part in workshops and held getting to know you session with their people so they understand the skilsl they need to succeed and what a company looks for when recruiting IT experts.

They have also launched the Tek Academy to give people the skills they need to be able to be successful.

Tek Academy is a specially-designed training academy where Tek Experts pays for the tuition of attendees to support their aspiration of a career in IT. The company takes people with a strong background in English and soft skills, and who want a career in IT, and gives them the skills they need to be an IT expert.

Tek Academy also takes people with a strong background in IT but who lack the English and soft skills necessary for a new career, and trains them fills these skills gaps. The Tek Academy is the perfect place for qualified software developers, for example, with a modest English proficiency, or for outstanding English language speakers with a great passion for the IT industry to improve their skills and become more attractive in the marketplace.

tek experts goes leading in training it manpower

Tek Academy is a specially-designed training academy

Along with the investment to develop people, Tek Experts has also invested in developing spaces where its engineers can become product ambassadors by using the products they support so they can put themselves in the shoes of the people whose problems they are helping to solve. Once such initiative was their dedicated gaming environment, where Tek Experts employees are free to kick back and play Xbox 360 and enjoy a realistic software testing experience.

Nguyen Manh Tuong, country manager of Tek Experts Vietnam commented, “It’s not just about theory but also about being champions and ambassadors for the products they are supporting. We want people to live and breathe the products they are supporting and can talk well about them because they fully understand and enjoy them. This investment has shownsignificant increase in the quality and quantity of manpower as well as services we provide to our clients and their customers around the world."

tek experts goes leading in training it manpower

Nguyen Manh Tuong, country manager of Tek Experts Vietnam

Notably, in 2013 – at the date of newly establishment, the company just had 35 employees, however, the figure increased to nearly 700 employees to date and expected to significantly grow again by the end of 2018. Besides, it became a leading supplier in term of IT in the country.

In December 2017, Tek Experts Vietnam launched its second office in Hanoi as part of its business expansion strategy to maintain the robust and sustainable development of the firm’s operations in the IT sector.

Their success at the first office as well as initial success of the second one have surpassed its original expectations and led the company here, preparing for the 1000th employee of Tek Experts by the end of 2018.

Tek Experts, a typical example has shown the true value of investing in developing Vietnamese IT talent. The growth we anticipate by 2020 means there is sure to be a Vietnamese war for talent, and companies like Tek Experts, that are not only recruiting good talent, but also investing in developing it for the long term, are already ahead of the game. Their approach will not only serve the company well, but also help the Vietnamese IT industry reach its ambitious targets.

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