SCGP lends innovative solutions to fight COVID-19 in Vietnam

March 17, 2021 | 16:18
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In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak escalating in Hai Duong province since early February, SCG Packaging (SCGP) has taken timely action to provide innovative applications, offering convenient solutions for the provincial healthcare workforce in the COVID-19 battle.
scgp lends innovative solutions to fight covid 19 in vietnam
SCGP representative Pongsathon Damrongsaku, general director of AP Packaging (Hanoi) Co., Ltd., presented 100 paper beds, two positive pressure chambers, 10,000 paper boxes, and VND200 million to authorities in Hai Duong

SCGP presented 10,000 paper boxes carrying provisions for the community living in the Cam Giang quarantine area and has designed and produced 100 paper beds for the field hospitals in Hai Duong. Besides, SCGP will also donate six positive pressure chambers to support the medical workforce in Hai Duong and Binh Duong province to collect samples safely, and VND200 million ($8,700) to support the fight against COVID-19.

“As a responsible business, SCGP and its subsidiaries have made our best efforts to support the local communities. The recent outbreak in Hai Duong has brought great challenges to the locality, and SCGP has taken immediate action to support the authority and the people, with our expertise in paper packaging,” said Sompob Witworrasakul, general director of Vina Kraft Paper Co., Ltd.

scgp lends innovative solutions to fight covid 19 in vietnam
The paper beds produced and donated by SCGP are expected to reduce the workload of the medical workforce during the fight against COVID-19

Understanding the urgent needs of the people of Hai Duong living in the lockdown areas, SCGP has partnered with the local youth union to donate 10,000 premium quality paper boxes produced by AP Packaging (Hanoi) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCGP to transfer provisional contents to the lockdown zone.

Subsequently, New Asia Industries Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCGP, has continued to provide 100 paper beds made from recyclable paper for the provincial field hospitals. “These paper beds are specially designed by SCGP to enable quick installation, maintenance, and dismantling, as well as offer comfort and utter hygiene for the users. We hope that this innovation can save much effort for the frontline workforce, and therefore assist them in fighting the COVID-19 battle,” added Witworrasakul.

scgp lends innovative solutions to fight covid 19 in vietnam
Close up shot of the paper bed donated by New Asia Industries Co.,Ltd, put into usage in Hai Duong’s field hospital

SCGP is a business unit of SCG – a leading conglomerate in the ASEAN region. Following the corporation’s sustainable philosophy, SCGP has applied an environmental, social, and governance strategy throughout its investments and operations in Vietnam, in which environmental and social welfare are greatly emphasised.

scgp lends innovative solutions to fight covid 19 in vietnam
Close-up of the positive pressure chamber donated by Vina Kraft Paper Co.,Ltd.

During COVID-19, through Vina Kraft Paper (VKPC), a subsidiary of SCGP in Binh Duong, the company has donated numerous masks and sanitisers to the surrounding communities, as well as initiated various activities to support affected people to overcome hardships. This time, VKPC will donate six positive pressure chambers to help protect the medical workforce and prevent the spread of the disease in Hai Duong and Binh Duong provinces.

The chambers designed by SCG are built on the positive pressure room principle, in which the inside air pressure is greater than the pressure outside to ensure that outside airborne pathogens do not contaminate the inside of the room. This will ensure the safety of medical staff during swabbing, which would expose them to direct contact with patients. Additionally, SCGP will also donate VND200 million to join hands with the local authorities to fight the pandemic.

scgp lends innovative solutions to fight covid 19 in vietnam
10,000 paper boxes produced and presented by AP Packaging to carry provisions and necessities to the quarantine areas

Nguyen Duc Tuan, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee and Chairman of the Hai Duong Fatherland Front said: “On behalf of Hai Duong province, we sincerely thank and highly appreciate the practical contributions of SCGP during our challenging COVID-19 combat. We will quickly deploy these goods to the different units and communities in need. Partnerships with businesses like SCGP are extremely valuable in helping our communities overcome difficulties.”

These initiatives have once again manifested SCGP’s commitment to contribute to the community and the better lives of the people in Vietnam.

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