Sadolin: an advanced solution for Vietnam’s woodcare market

September 22, 2021 | 17:22
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Recently, AkzoNobel, the global leader in paints and coatings, has officially entered the Vietnamese woodcare market with the launch of its woodcare brand Sadolin sponsored by Dulux. The European brand’s presence promises a new solution to a flourishing industry. On this occasion, Pamela Phua, general director of AkzoNobel Paints Vietnam shared the company's strategy and goals with the new launch.
Sadolin: an advanced solution for Vietnam’s woodcare market
Sadolin: An advanced solution for Vietnam’s woodcare market

Sadolin is a well-established brand around the world, but it was not introduced to the Vietnam market until the third quarter of this year. Is there any particular reason for the wait?

Sadolin has been well recognised in many countries, especially in Europe. Vietnam is an important market for us in the region with a growing, potential wood industry. Due to distinct weather conditions compared with Europe, this market’s demand for wood protective coatings is unalike so we had to prepare our Sadolin portfolio for Vietnam before introducing it. All launched products ought to address the specific conditions and requirements of the target market.

What are the biggest challenges in the market right now, and how can Sadolin help tackle them?

The biggest challenges are most likely actual environmental circumstances and consumers’ demand. The humidity and erratic temperature changes, especially in the north, are not good conditions for using wooden furniture like in dry or cold countries. It will take better treatment and preservation by wood coatings for these products to be ready for use with durability and long-lasting beauty.

The use of wooden furniture has prospered in the local market in recent years, along with Vietnamese consumers’ higher demand for wood products. Aside from types and quality, other factors such as design, colour, and surface aesthetics, among others are given additional consideration.

Lately, Vietnamese people are increasingly concerned about the environment and their health. Meanwhile, furniture is one of the products containing substances that can be harmful for health such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, lead, or mercury. This is what wood coatings manufacturers need to keep in mind when innovating.

Paints and coatings for wood, therefore, are required to have a protective ability, high aesthetics, and healthy and environmentally friendly features. All of these are available in all AkzoNobel products, and we apply the same criterion for Sadolin to make them free or nearly-free of harmful ingredients such as VOC, lead, and mercury.

Sadolin: an advanced solution for Vietnam’s woodcare market

Sadolin is a brand-new name in Vietnam, while many others are already present in the market and have gained a certain recognition. What sets Sadolin apart?

With Sadolin, we look forward to bringing consumers new choices to enjoy high-quality wooden furniture. The paints would help to give glory to the natural look of wood, creating a plush surface that is well protected throughout time.

Sadolin is a well-established European premium woodcare brand. For more than a century, it has been a staple household name for generations of expert craftsmen and customers across the globe.

The Sadolin premium PU portfolio launched in Vietnam includes a variety of European-standard products: PU topcoat with matt and gloss finish, PU sealer, hardener, and thinner. All products are of the super-premium and premium segment with superior quality, offering up to 10 years of protection and excellent resistance to scratches, stains, hot spills, and water. These qualities may easily accommodate requirements for wooden furniture quality and esthetic criteria.

Moreover, AkzoNobel pioneers limiting harmful substances in paint such as lead, mercury, or VOCs. Hence, Sadolin products also do not contain lead or mercury and contain low VOC, ensuring safety for both the environment and consumers.

The strengths you have mentioned clearly bring many benefits to end users. However, in Vietnam carpentry workshops and craftsmen are the first users. Does the company have any plans to offer more value to them?

The high-quality coatings by Sadolin help to produce better and longer-lasting products. Carpentry workshops and craftsmen could also make important savings on paint when using our recommended Sadolin series.

It is easy to see that they will have advantages in terms of product and are able to establish a distinguished reputation in a fiercely competitive market.

Sadolin's European standard is another benefit to Vietnamese end users, allowing their furniture products to be more outstanding of quality.

AkzoNobel is also committed to offering a full portfolio of solutions with specific technical guidance to ensure all consumers can utilise our products in a proper and optimal way. In the coming time, we will continue with innovative research to come up with more advanced solutions and extend the portfolio to meet the demanding market with diverse needs.

By Mai Dang

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