Haiphong: Stable production and business in new normal

December 08, 2021 | 12:28
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Proactive in COVID-19 prevention and containment yet flexibly and safely adapting to the new normal, the port city of Haiphong has maintained stable production, business, and lives for residents with stable growth, cementing its reputation as a safe and friendly destination.

Haiphong is now facing a sharp jump in COVID-19 cases as people from pandemic-hit localities have been heading to the province. Many labourers from other localities came to work in Haiphong. Several community outbreaks were recently reported such as the case of a large construction site in Hong Bang district recently.

According to Haiphong's Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control, the increase in the number of new infections in the city in recent days was forecast after the government enacted Resolution No.128/NQ-CP with interim regulations on safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Haiphong: Stable production and business in new normal
Haiphong has been focusing on helping businesses maintain operations as usual

To control the situation, Haiphong has been persistent and proactive in implementing health measures with three main pillars: 1) rapid isolation and testing; 2) early treatment, with administrative measures to ensure social security and meet the travel requirements of people, workers, as well as the proper circulation of goods; 3) measures corresponding with the pandemic level of each region and each locality on the smallest possible scale.

The city has thoroughly ensured safe and flexible adaptation and good control of COVID-19 based on the 5K principle, along with raising public awareness on pandemic prevention and control.

Haiphong has thoroughly ensured safe and flexible adaptation and good control of COVID-19 based on the 5K principle, along with raising public awareness on pandemic prevention and control.

According to Pham Thu Xanh, head of Haiphong’s COVID-19 task force, the Standing Committee of Haiphong City Party Committee issued Document No.303-CV/TU in September, outlining proactive response and COVID-19 prevention and control in the city.

Accordingly, the Department of Health is assigned to prepare human resources to participate in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of COVID-19 patients. The city has also prepared for a scenario of treating 2,000 patients. The vaccination of adults and children has also been accelerated.

As of December 1, Haiphong had administered more than 2.7 million shots of COVID-19 vaccines, with 1.57 million injected as first shots and 1.15 million as second shots.

Large enterprises based in the city's industrial zones have also launched “three on the spot”, “one route, two destinations” schemes to prevent outbreaks.

Accelerating economic development

By the end of November, Haiphong has achieved upbeat performance in socioeconomic development indicators. Accordingly, total state budget revenue in the 11 months reached VND81.497 trillion($3.54 billion), equaling 116.5 per cent of the same period last year. Domestic revenue was estimated at VND29.1 trillion ($1.27 billion), as much as 128.9 per cent of the same period last year.

Haiphong: Stable production and business in new normal
COVID-19 testing point at DEEP C Industrial Zones Haiphong to ensure safe pandemic prevention

Meanwhile, total retail sales of consumer goods and services came to VND130.372 billion ($5.67 billion), a 8.09 per cent jump on-year. Consumer price index (CPI) growth averaged 0.95 per cent on-year. As of mid-November 2021, the city's total new committed and supplemental capital volume surpassed $2.87 billion.

Industrial production, construction services, as well as trade-agriculture all posted growth. Significantly, the city’s industrial production index rose 18.5 per cent on-year, with that of the processing and manufacturing industry showing a 19.83 per cent jump on-year, and of water supply, waste, and wastewater treatment sector increasing 8.18 on-year.

“Amid growing pandemic complexities, the trade-service sector would not grow as strongly as in previous years. Leveraging available strength in industrial development, especially the processing and manufacturing industry, the city leaders have focused on directing solutions to support and accompany businesses to promptly resolve difficulties, stabilise production and goods’ circulation. Haiphong has, therefore, maintained stable growth,” said Nguyen Van Tung, Chairman of Haiphong People's Committee.

Practical support for businesses

Nguyen Van Dung, general director of Haiphong Paint JSC, which is running production in both Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh City, shared that the company's business activities in the southern market were almost completely halted in the second and third quarters.

Also affected by the rising price of gasoline, oil, plastic resins, and many other input materials, the company’s revenue and profit was heavily affected. “However, now that all employees have been vaccinated, our factories are continuously working overtime to ensure sufficient goods supply for our partners during the year-end period,” he said.

Sao Do Group, the investor of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, also reported a better year through increased investment attraction compared to 2020. The company is currently speeding up ground levelling for the second phase to promptly hand over space to investors.

“Haiphong has kept the city safe from the Delta variant for most of the year. Along with that, the city’s leadership and Economic Zones Management Board have stepped up investment promotion in all forms to support infrastructure businesses. Moreover, the city also gives priority to workers and labourers in factories and industrial zones to be vaccinated with two shots of COVID-19 vaccine, ensuring that production activities can take place safely,” said Nguyen Thanh Phuong, general director of Sao Do Group.

Following the prime minister’s direction to continue supporting businesses during COVID-19, Haiphong People's Committee has just issued a request to relevant authorities to urgently review and grasp the recommendations of businesses, cooperatives, and business households to promptly handle and resolve problems at the level they arise.

Haiphong People's Committee has assigned the Department of Planning and Investment to develop and publish a plan for economic recovery, production, and business rebound leveraging safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of COVID-19. It will also work on a programme for sustainable economic recovery until 2023, ensuring the application of solutions to match the pandemic control roadmap, focusing on recovering key local fields and industries.

By Thu Le

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