Group radiating firm eco-friendliness

April 27, 2021 | 17:53
Locally-invested TH Group is applying high technology to produce electricity to fuel its production, save costs, and contribute to ensuring national energy security and environmental protection.
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At present three out of nine farms in Nghia Dan’s farm cluster have had solar panels installed

For more than a decade TH Group – famous for its TH true MILK brand – has been operating a $1.2-billion farm cluster project in the central province of Nghe An’s Nghia Dan district, featuring a state-of-the-art dairy cow farm and fresh milk production plant, which currently has 49,000 dairy cows and daily capacity of 400 tonnes of fresh milk. The number of cattle will rise further to over 200,000 by 2025.

In order to save production costs and contribute to ensuring environmental protection and national energy security, TH Group has been operating a state-of-the-art system of solar power panels on the roofs of the farm since last September, and the system has been connected with the national power grid.

Power produced from the panels has met one-eighth, and sometimes even one-fifth, of the farm’s electricity demand.

At present three out of nine farms in the cluster have had the panels installed, and it is expected that by the year’s end another three farms and a feed mill will have roofs covered with solar panels.

Each year, the farm cluster’s solar power system can produce about 4,281MW, helping TH Group reduce about 2,100 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Not only acting as an electricity producer, this system also works as a heat preventer which helps cool down the farm’s roofs and creates a good living habitat for dairy cows, contributing to producing high-quality milk.

In its business strategy, TH Group is consistent with its one-liner company mottos featuring pivotal values such as “For true happiness”, so as to bring the best products to consumers and contribute to the government’s efforts to make the economy greener for sustainable development, and with the harmonisation of benefits between the company and the community.

TH stands ready to recoup investment capital over a long time in order to ensure sustainable development, social security, and environmental protection based on the use of modern technology.

Before developing electricity from solar energy, TH Group has also been producing power from sugarcane bagasse, a type of by-product made from TH Group’s Nghe An Sugarcane Co. Ltd., (NASU).

All electricity used for this company’s operation is self-produced, part of which is sold to Vietnam Electricity. It has been deemed an effective circular economy model with all waste and by-products of high value and reused.

At NASU, the technology of producing power from sugarcane bagasse has been integrated into all production processes. The bagasse from the process of pressurising sugarcane to collect sugar is used as a material for firing furnaces and producing heat. The heat with high pressure from the process will enable the operation of turbines and dynamos, and then electricity is created to serve the factory’s demand.

In addition, along with sugarcane bagasse, mud waste and gas resulting from the production process are also employed to generate electricity. NASU has applied other models and methods to “green” all production processes in order to protect the environment.

Environmental protection is one of the six key pillars in TH Group’s sustainable development policies, with the group advancing and applying many solutions for its green development.

For instance, since the middle of 2018 all TH true Marts nationwide have stopped using nylon bags, and instead ultilise biodegradable environmentally-friendly equivalents. The group has also implemented many programmes on collecting milk packages for recycling, presenting canvas bags to customers, and encouraging them to reduce the use of plastic waste. Since last October, TH Group has also been selling canvas bags through its TH true Mart system nationwide.

By Thanh Dat

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