FOTA and Djinn join the Thailand Play-2-Earn Expo

August 17, 2022 | 14:06
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FOTA, under the direction of the team and Djinn, has taken part in the Play-2-Earn Expo with the most recent data and gaming experiences using Mixed Reality (MR) technology.

From August 10-13, FOTA and Djinn participated in the Play-2-Earn Expo in Thailand, an event devoted to gaming initiatives and blockchain platforms with the involvement of organisations from various countries and industry speakers.

As FOTA's adviser and strategic partner, Djinn assisted the organisation in reaching the greatest number of end users and collecting their feedback. On the occasion, Djinn supervised the FOTA gaming experience on the MR technology platform using HoloLens glasses – one of the first commercially available head-mounted MR experiences.

FOTA and Djinn join the Thailand Play-2-Earn Expo
Play-2-Earn event in Bangkok, Thailand

In addition, Djinn is communicating with funders and gaming projects to develop strong ties, increase its partner ecosystem, and find suitable companion ventures. Djinn delivered the most recent footage of the Gaming House – one of the project's attractions – at the event.

It is reported that Gaming House will be constructed in District 1 and finished in the fourth quarter to attract and train gamers, as well as to serve as a location for game publishers' tournaments and events.

FOTA and Djinn accompanied GEMS – one of Southeast Asia's most prominent and rapidly expanding e-sports hotels. As an investor, GEMS is the event's platinum sponsor and strategic partner and has drawn the interest of several other partners, initiatives, and financiers.

On the third day of the festival, GEMS also hosted a competition for the PUBG game that attracted the involvement of hundreds of gamers.

Through its cooperation with FOTA and GEMS, Djinn competes in the PUBG Tournament and has access to the e-sports team's young players.

Speaking to VIR, CEO of FOTA Grey Trinh said, "In the worldwide market, we can firmly assert that Vietnam is one of the nations that have access to blockchain technology and is proficient with crypto."

FOTA and Djinn join the Thailand Play-2-Earn Expo
Customers experience FOTA game with MR technology through HoloLens

With guidance from the team and Djinn, FOTA has presented the most up-to-date information on the forthcoming game launch event and its gaming experience designed with Mixed Reality technology and HoloLens glasses.

As a gold sponsor and AAA game partner of GEMS – one of the major investors in this Play-2-Earn expo that specialises in Play to earn and e-sports games – FOTA now plays a crucial role.

The CEO of FOTA believes that this is the opening chapter for the future of Vietnamese blockchain and gaming enterprises.

"Numerous projects from Vietnam, their inventors, and the Vietnamese people have achieved remarkable success on the international market, therefore laying the groundwork for the growth of the next generation and the introduction of new ventures. Vietnamese technology startups are global in scope," said Trinh.

Vietnam embracing a brand new reality in gaming industry Vietnam embracing a brand new reality in gaming industry

For mixed reality technology to nurture and sustain growth momentum in Vietnam’s gaming industry, developers hope to narrow the gap with users by offering them the correct incentives and creating strong engagement.

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FOTA, a new player in the blockchain game industry, has recently raised $8.3 million to develop its combat game. Trinh Ngoc Duc, CEO of FOTA, talked with VIR’s Linh Le about the company’s journey in the past year and its upcoming plans.

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Despite the market turmoil of the past few months, the scale of investment in the blockchain sector in Vietnam is expected to explode with the birth of more and more attractive blockchain startups, especially in GameFi, decentralised finance, and non-fungible tokens.

By Quynh Trang

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