Ford speeding ahead with sales and CSR activities

October 16, 2017 | 08:00
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As one of the world’s leading firms in the automobile business, Ford has come to Vietnam with the aim of balancing economic benefits and corporate social responsibilities. With its record sales performance in the first three quarters or 2017 as well as influential community projects, Ford is gradually achieving its significant milestones regarding the company’s development strategy. 
ford speeding ahead with sales and csr activities
Ford Vietnam is gathering momentum in sales and community programmes alike
ford speeding ahead with sales and csr activities Ford announces US$1.2b investment in US auto plants

Sales in the first three quarters of 2017 helped Ford become one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the automobile industry. In the first quarter, Ford Vietnam reported its record-breaking sales of 6,926 vehicles, which saw an increase of 7 per cent year-over-year.

Despite a decline in sales among most of its rivals, Ford continues to grow as an impressive brand, with 19,081 vehicles sold in the first eight months. EcoSport, Ranger, Transit, and Explorer continue to maintain their leading position in their respective segments for the month and year-to-date, reaffirming a preference for the Ford brand.

ford speeding ahead with sales and csr activities
Ford Vietnam's "Driving Skills for Life" campaign was held in Danang in August

Ford’s notable figures are not just in terms of economic development but also in its contribution to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese community.

On August 6, Ford’s “Driving Skills for Life" was held in Danang, with the aim of providing knowledge and skills on safe driving. In this programme, Ford Vietnam sponsored eight drunk suits for training activities in Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as 40 cameras for the 0511 Smart Camera System in Danang. These cameras will be installed at traffic junctions near schools and densely populated areas to protect people, especially children on their way to school.

Targeting children, Ford has organised numerous events in 2017 to raise awareness of “green” consumption and skills development among children. Some highlights include “Green days” (March), “Green Inventor” (April), “A day on the farm’ (August), “Planting” (September), and “Visiting the Children in Hoa Binh Village” (September).

More than 100 Ford employees devoted 2,230 hours to creating a “green” experience for the future generations in Vietnam. Especially, in September, within the framework of the “Green Trees Planting” project, 100 children under the instruction of Ford’s volunteers decorated their lunch space with wall paintings regarding the topic of “The Future City.”

In Hai Duong city, Ford also cooperated with Toa Tau, an educational organisation, in a charity trip across the country featuring numerous art activities. On September 8 and 9 in Hai Duong, Ford organised an event for nearly 200 workers and their families to participate in various activities, such as Origami folding and Photovoice (telling stories through photographs).

ford speeding ahead with sales and csr activities
Ford's road safety campaigns gathered a large follower base across various social networking platforms

Ford encourages the youth to bring alive their creative side and contribute their views on the current traffic situation in Vietnam via the two campaigns “No Honking,” and “No Alcohol.”

First held in 2012, “No Honking” marked the success of Ford towards raising awareness of better traffic culture. The campaign received more than 50,000 follow-ups on its fanpage. With its creative approach, the “No Alcohol” campaign also received positive feedbacks, especially from the younger generation.

As part of the “No Honking” campaign, young composers and singers created numerous songs about daily traffic situations regarding accidents or excessive use of horns. These songs depict a genuine picture of daily traffic in Vietnam, with a glimpse of chaos, fright, and especially the pain of those whose beloved have been involved in traffic accidents.

ford speeding ahead with sales and csr activities
Ford Vietnam has been making painstaking efforts to make the Vietnamese driving culture safer

Notably, “Coi to cho vuot,” a mobile phone game created by Phong Duong Comics, introduced a unique way to approach traffic issues in Vietnam. Besides, on its social networks, Ford Vietnam also launched another meaningful campaign with the participation of famous and influential singers, composers, and MCs.

Starting from a story of unsafe driving experience, followed by a safe driving message and videos on the consequences of traffic accidents, “Distracted Driving” inspires the community to tell their own stories and spreads the message of driving safety.

Having been honoured as the “Ethical Company of the Year” for eight consecutive years, Ford is striving to maintain its efforts to reach sustainable development and become a pioneer not only in business, but also in corporate social responsibilities.

“Our responsibility is to create a better world and repay nature for what it has given to humanity. Every enterprise shares a mission, which is to bring about a better life for mankind,” said Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Motor Company.

By By Hai Yen

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