Experience a vibrant Lunar New Year retreat at Regent Phu Quoc

February 08, 2024 | 15:26
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Regent Phu Quoc is thrilled to present an extraordinary programme of culinary delights, entertainment, and luxurious accommodations for the enchanting spring of 2024.

At Regent, every experience is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of discerning guests. With unwavering attention to detail, from the culinary menus and cocktails to family bonding activities and romantic moments for couples, the resort offers unforgettable experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. This journey is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the harmonious blend of culinary artistry and refined luxury, without compromise.

Embrace the joy of the festive season with a plethora of activities designed for families and little ones. Regent Kids, the exclusive children’s club, awaits adorable little angels with a wide range of creative and exciting activities. From capturing precious moments in traditional Vietnamese costumes to engaging in traditional folk games like pot smashing, conical hat painting, kite flying, sack racing, and flag snatching, the resort also offers traditional Vietnamese banh chung making classes for families to enjoy together.

Experience a vibrant Lunar New Year retreat at Regent Phu Quoc

With approximately 8-10 diverse activities and games scheduled throughout the Lunar New Year holiday, children will create vibrant memories filled with laughter and excitement.

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of Vietnamese and international cuisine. Regent Phu Quoc’s Lunar New Year culinary offerings showcase the essence of various culinary styles. Rice Market restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine with seafood buffet programmes that bring to life the diverse flavours of Phu Quoc’s fishing villages. Guests can indulge in a premium crab feast and enjoy grilled skewers with seasonal beef and fragrant herbs.

Meanwhile, Ocean Club restaurant introduces Mediterranean flavours with a lobster menu paired with champagne, and a Tapas Night with mesmerising fire performances and vibrant beach-front DJ sets. The iconic Oku restaurant features an Omakase menu that flawlessly fuses the essence of French and Japanese cuisines.

Guests can also explore the unique setting of Bar Jade, the exquisite speakeasy bar at Regent Phu Quoc, during the exclusive Single Malt Whisky Week. This exceptional event is designed for couples and cocktail enthusiasts who seek refined libations and immersive experiences in a private and romantic atmosphere.

Experience a vibrant Lunar New Year retreat at Regent Phu Quoc

Furthermore, themed cocktail programmes for Valentine’s Day at Fu Bar, the elevated rooftop bar, will delight the senses. Enjoy the gentle breeze, the panoramic rooftop ambiance, and breathtaking ocean views while being welcomed with a diverse and creative cocktail menu, brimming with refreshing and harmonious flavours.

Experience unparalleled luxury with personalised yacht excursions and bespoke spa treatments. The luxurious Serenity Yacht at Regent Phu Quoc is an exquisite highlight that captivates artistic souls and those seeking unique experiences on the first day of the year.

Experience a vibrant Lunar New Year retreat at Regent Phu Quoc

Onboard the meticulously designed Serenity Yacht, guests can unwind and embrace moments of tranquillity while admiring the stunning sunsets or welcoming the sunrise over the sea. Each yacht excursion is thoughtfully planned, ensuring unforgettable moments of elevation and emotion. Guests can choose from diverse itineraries such as early sunrise cruises, An Thoi exploration journeys, or breathtaking sunset cruises.

Moreover, Regent Phu Quoc offers exceptional spa treatments for guests to relax and indulge in comprehensive body and mind rejuvenation. Experience revitalising skincare treatments that leave complexions radiant and full of vitality. Minds can be calmed with sound wave therapy, releasing tension and achieving a state of inner serenity. Or embark on a transformative journey with traditional techniques such as cupping, meridian therapy, and crystal quartz treatments, promoting energy balance and deep relaxation from within.

At Regent Phu Quoc, its distinguished guests will not only have their entertainment and relaxation needs met, but will also find solace in soul-stirring moments. These cherished memories, crafted with exquisite attention and heartfelt dedication, serve as blessings to guests for a new year filled with joy and elevation.

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