Acecook Vietnam’s approach to sustainable development

December 08, 2023 | 20:00
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With the business philosophy of pursuing a culinary path to contribute to Vietnamese society, Acecook Vietnam is building a brand associated with corporate social responsibility, and continuing its sustainable development efforts.

Acecook Vietnam has been building its sustainable development company based on three core values.

“Cook Happiness” is the philosophy of the parent group Acecook. From that business philosophy, Acecook Vietnam has created its core values specifically with three pillars: happiness for consumers, happiness for employees, and happiness for society.

Acecook Vietnam’s approach to sustainable development
Acecook Vietnam’s approach to sustainable development

Firstly, the company believes that consumers are happy when they enjoy delicious, high-quality products. To ensure this, the company strictly controls sources of raw materials and the production process, as well as the process of circulating products in the market.

To control the quality of raw materials, Acecook Vietnam has full raw material criteria, meeting food safety and hygiene standards in line with the provisions of domestic and international food laws.

All raw materials, from flour to spices, ingredients of soup powder, and vegetable packages, among others, are selected from reliable suppliers with food safety and hygiene certificates, and meet the requirements of the company’s quality standards and are evaluated annually.

To control the production process, the company applies many sets of international standards and systems such as BRC Global Food Safety Standards, Quality Assessment Standards, IFS Food, and more. The entire production process of instant noodles is transferred from Acecook Japan, so safety and peace of mind are guaranteed.

When products are circulated on the market, the company closely monitors the distribution process and strictly controls product preservation, as well as ensures product quality does not change during transportation.

In the new era, to meet consumers’ needs as well as demonstrate its responsibility to consumers, Acecook Vietnam has constantly improved products with added value in nutrition and health such as adding potatoes, peas, and minerals such as calcium for children’s noodles, while developing new product types such as non-fried noodles, instant rice products, and others.

The second aspect is happiness for employees. Acecook Vietnam builds good welfare policies; a safe, stable working environment, creating conditions for each individual to develop their abilities, helping employees towards a stable and developed career.

Furthermore, every staff member’s efforts are recognised, objectively evaluated and communicated by the company so that everyone can clearly understand, feel, and promote their role in the common mission: dedication to society through the culinary path of Acecook Vietnam.

That connection, trust, pride, and enthusiastic dedication have created lasting unity among Acecook Vietnam’s employees.

Finally, bringing happiness to society is a sustainable goal that Acecook pursues. Acecook Vietnam strives to contribute to making all of society happy by contributing to the development of the instant noodle industry and the Vietnamese economy in general.

In addition, the business actively sponsors and organises charity and environmental activities to contribute to a stronger Vietnamese society.

In recent years, Acecook Vietnam has carried out many activities to contribute to the community and society through many practical activities. These include partnering with the Children’s Fund to help improve nutrition for disadvantaged children in mountainous areas; propagating to raise awareness about preventing natural disasters and adhering to traffic rules; granting scholarships for poor students; and supporting Vietnamese football, among many more schemes.

Besides this, Acecook Vietnam also takes part in many activities to contribute to the environment, such as innovating products of plastic cups to paper cups, using bio-plastic forks, and researching environmentally friendly packaging materials.

In particular, the company gradually limits the use of fossil fuels which are gradually being depleted and replacing them with clean, environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar energy and clean-burning gas. This contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving energy, thus contributing to protecting the environmental and combating climate change.

All of these efforts are aimed at contributing to the sustainable development and betterment of the Vietnamese society.

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By Thuy Nguyen

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