Acecook Vietnam: 30 years of conquering tastebuds

September 27, 2023 | 08:00
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From the early days of operation, Acecook recognised that the company’s high-quality food safety management foundation, technology, and extensive experience in instant noodle production in Japan is not enough – it is also necessary to create products with flavours suitable for local people.
Acecook Vietnam: 30 years of conquering tastebuds
Acecook’s lineup boasts some of the most popular noodles

So as to overcome this challenge of culinary culture differences, Acecook’s approach is integration and appreciation.

Bringing instant noodles, one of the dishes which represents Japanese inventions, to Vietnam, Acecook did not impose production formulas and flavours, but chose to adapt to the local culture, using unique characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine to conquer the taste of Vietnamese people.

Therefore, the company took on the task of finding consumers’ favourite flavours and passing them on to the Vietnamese product research and development team. As a result, Acecook’s strategy of adapting to traditional Vietnamese flavours has helped the company conquer the market. The company has invested in modern machinery, equipment, and production lines, as well as completely transferred instant noodle production technology from the parent company to the Vietnamese unit. The combination of Japanese technology and Vietnamese flavours has helped create Acecook brands such as Hao Hao noodles, Hang Nga vermicelli, Nhip Song noodles, and Nam Vang noodles, among others.

With 30 years of presence in Vietnam and conquering the taste of its people, Acecook has created hundreds of product flavours whose inspiration is taken from culinary treasures domestically and worldwide, with Hao Hao instant noodles being a bestseller in Vietnam.

Along with making success in the Vietnamese domestic market, the company has also contributed to bringing Vietnamese cuisine to the world by exporting products. From its base in Vietnam, the company has exported to about 30 countries, including Japan itself.

Although it is a Japanese enterprise, Acecook’s management perspective is oriented towards an inclusive, friendly, and cohesive working culture based on the core values of happiness for consumers and partners, happiness for workers and their families, and happiness for society.

The company has spent a large amount of money to invest in domestic and international training for potential employees, as well as organising regular professional classes, training programmes, and cultural exchange initiatives. As a result, Acecook Vietnam has received the honour of being in the top 10 outstanding businesses with happy human resources and the top 100 best places to work in Vietnam over consecutive years, both according to consulting firm Anphabe.

Creating a happy society is part of Acecook’s core values. The company has been accompanying local suppliers in applying modern technology and providing guidance about management of domestic raw materials.

On the other hand, the company actively carries out corporate social responsibility activities as well as environmental schemes to contribute to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese society. They include charity programmes, natural disaster support, environmental protection, and scholarships for poor people, as well as donation of food and clothes for children in remote or disadvantaged areas.

For three decades, Acecook Vietnam has gained a strong position in the market, and above all, invaluable spiritual values: the trust of local consumers and the love and loyalty of employees, along with sustainable contributions to society. The company’s achievements are largely attributed to the efforts of the leadership and employees, along with effective business strategies.

Acecook currently operates 11 factories and six branches throughout Vietnam. Each factory has been fitted with modern machinery and automation of production lines. Average productivity is about 600 packages of noodles per minute/line. The company now has more than 6,000 employees and more than 20 Japanese experts holding leadership or senior specialist positions.

In 2022, the company made revenues of over $590 million. Annually, it provides the market with more than three billion instant food products each year.

This year marks 50 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan. As a Japanese enterprise that has been in the country for years, Acecook Vietnam has been implementing many unique programmes and events to spread the spirit and traditional cultural values of the Japanese people to Vietnamese consumers, including opera performances and festivals organised by the Japanese Embassy to Vietnam.

The company has also launched Zeppin noodles to introduce Japanese cuisine to Vietnamese people. Driven by the strategic cooperative relationship that Vietnam and Japan has, Acecook Vietnam hopes this success will continue and become stronger in the future.

Acecook Vietnam's Consumer Support Programme delights food enthusiasts Acecook Vietnam's Consumer Support Programme delights food enthusiasts

Acecook Vietnam is launching its Consumer Support Programme, offering enticing discounts on popular instant noodle and pho products to provide economic relief and culinary satisfaction to Vietnamese consumers.

Acecook to open restaurant of cup noodles Acecook to open restaurant of cup noodles

Acecook announced to open its first cup noodle restaurant, named Acecook Buffet Mi Ly, located in the first and largest Aeon Mall, Haiphong on December 14.

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