Acecook Vietnam bringing market value

February 15, 2024 | 09:45
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Making great strikes thanks to the core value and the combination of Japanese technology and Vietnamese flavours, Acecook Vietnam is making innovations and creating added values in the local market. Kaneda Hiroki, general director of the company, discussed with VIR’s Minh Anh the sustainable development journey ahead.

Taking a position as the new general director in 2023, how have you led Acecook Vietnam thus far?

Acecook Vietnam bringing market value
Kaneda Hiroki, general director of the company

Acecook Vietnam is implementing many innovations to bring the company as a leader in the local industry to a world-class level. This orientation has been implemented since 2023 and will be continued strongly in the medium and long-term plan.

Accordingly, we have promoted product improvement activities to increase customers’ experience and enhance the management system to get closer to a sustainable business model.

In 2023, we achieved initial success in the transformation journey, such as winning prestigious awards on human resources, sustainable enterprises, and more besides.

Most importantly, we continue to receive great support from consumers through the success of consumer campaigns in 2023.

Having a presence in Vietnam for more than 30 years, how has Acecook brought the technology and values of Japan to conquer local consumers?

From its establishment, Acecook recognised that the company’s high-quality food safety management foundation, technology and extensive experience in the field of instant noodle production in Japan is not enough, it is necessary to create products with flavours suitable for the locals. To overcome this challenge of culinary culture differences, the approach of Acecook is integrating and appreciating.

Bringing instant noodles - one of the dishes representing modern Japanese inventions to Vietnam, Acecook did not impose production formulas and flavours, but chose to adapt to the local culture, using the own unique characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine to conquer the taste of Vietnamese people. Therefore, the company has given the task of finding consumers’ favourite flavours to the Vietnamese product research and development team.

The company has also invested in modern machinery, equipment, and production lines, as well as completely transferred instant noodle production technology from the parent company. The combination of Japanese technology and Vietnamese flavours has helped create the Acecook brand with products like Hao Hao noodles with spicy and sour shrimp flavour, Hang Nga vermicelli with fish sauce vermicelli, Nhip Song noodles, and others.

In the 30-year journey to conquer the tastes of the Vietnamese, Acecook has created hundreds of product flavours whose inspiration is taken from culinary treasures not only domestically but also worldwide. Hao Hao instant noodles have been the best-selling instant noodle product in Vietnam for many years. By the end of 2021, the company had sold 30 billion packages of Hao Hao noodles, equivalent to an average consumption of more than two billion packages a year.

Acecook Vietnam bringing market value

At this time of year, food demand increases sharply. How does Acecook Vietnam make plans to meet consumer needs, while ensuring food hygiene and safety?

To ensure the supply to meet consumer demand during Lunar New Year, in addition to boosting production to reserve output, we also offer products to the market so that customers can have more choice.

We also take measures and come up with solutions to ensure stable prices and food safety and hygiene quality.

What are the priorities in Acecook’s plans in Vietnam in 2024 to create high-value instant products, with great strides in quality, nutrition, health, and environmental protection?

To strengthen the position of instant noodles and develop added value for the industry, Acecook Vietnam is constantly improving product benefits such as adding potatoes, peas, and minerals in noodles for children, and developing new product types such as non-fried noodles and instant rice.

Also, we are constantly researching options to protect the environment, reduce waste, and pioneer in a sustainable development. This includes our To Nho Mai Mai product, which has been converted from plastic bowls to paper bowls and bioforks made from ingredients with up to 36 per cent starch. In the future, we will continue to increase this ratio. Our export products are represented by To Hu Tieu Good that has also been launched in the Cambodian market with the ideas of environmentally friendly paper bowls.

In particular, the company has been gradually limiting the use of fossil fuels that are gradually depleting and using environmentally friendly clean energy sources such as solar energy and clean burning gas, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, contributing to environmental protection and combating climate change.

Sustainable development is an inevitable direction for industries and businesses. At Acecook, how will sustainable development be prioritised in 2024 and the future?

Last year Acecook Vietnam was named in the top 100 sustainable enterprises at the CSI 100 Awards for the first time of participation, because the company has pursued the core value “Cook Happiness” with the pillars of happiness for consumers, happiness for employees, and happiness for society.

Our goal is to be named in the top 20 of this award. This is in aligned with the company’s development direction which is prioritising sustainable development goals, including responsible consumption and production, bringing good health and better life for everyone, and generating good jobs and contributing to economic growth.

To achieve these goals, we strive to make customers and users of Acecook Vietnam products feel happy by providing quality, safe, and secure products. We develop good welfare policies and a safe, stable working environment, creating conditions for each individual to develop their abilities, and helping employees towards a stable and promotion career.

Acecook Vietnam is also active in contributing to society with many charity and environmental activities, thus contributing to an increasingly better society.

Acecook Vietnam's Consumer Support Programme delights food enthusiasts Acecook Vietnam's Consumer Support Programme delights food enthusiasts

Acecook Vietnam is launching its Consumer Support Programme, offering enticing discounts on popular instant noodle and pho products to provide economic relief and culinary satisfaction to Vietnamese consumers.

Acecook Vietnam: 30 years of conquering tastebuds Acecook Vietnam: 30 years of conquering tastebuds

From the early days of operation, Acecook recognised that the company’s high-quality food safety management foundation, technology, and extensive experience in instant noodle production in Japan is not enough – it is also necessary to create products with flavours suitable for local people.

Acecook Vietnam’s approach to sustainable development Acecook Vietnam’s approach to sustainable development

With the business philosophy of pursuing a culinary path to contribute to Vietnamese society, Acecook Vietnam is building a brand associated with corporate social responsibility, and continuing its sustainable development efforts.

Acecook displays sustainable nous Acecook displays sustainable nous

Through its efforts and action to promote sustainable development, Acecook Vietnam has been named one of the most sustainable enterprises in the country

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